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Salis's Armor

- - - - - Personal Armor

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  • Classification: Multipurpose stealth and combat armor

  • Weight: Light

  • Resistances (For each category choose from:

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Average

- Kinetic: Low

- Blades: Average

- Lightsabers: Average

- Environment, heat, liquids, gasses, cold: Average

- Radiation: Low

- Other: None




-Rebreather mask has goggles that can be attached or removed with light dimming and enhancing properties. Additional oxygen reserve can last 20 minutes.

-Armor has relatively good resistance to most blasters and even lightsabers, though a good stab or strong strike can still get through.

-Inner layer of Environmental suit helps regulate temperatures, and keeps out unwanted liquids or gasses, protecting the wearer from most environments. But as it is not among the larger suits, it is somewhat limited in what it can offer.

-Hidden pockets and pouches that are water and airtight allow the suit to keep things like lightsabers hidden if necessary.

-Designed to easily attach weaponry

-Comm unit built into the head piece with antennae is encrypted.


  • Light and easy to use with agility and stealth as it requires little effort to move in.

  • Can be used in most environments not safe for humans. Rebreather and oxygen reserves assist in this.

  • Provides some resistance to energy based weapons like lightsabers and blasters, and a little to others.

  • Designed to hold and attach more weapons to it.

  • Encrypted built in comm unit.


  • Not much resistance to slugthrowers or other physical assaults.

  • Some environments are still extreme enough to get through the suits design.

  • Puncturing through to the environmental suit can reduce it’s protection to the environment.


A relatively simple design, the only thing vaguely complicated about it is the inner layer which is designed to be air and water tight, and give some regulation to body temperature, and some resistance to radiation, though that is low. It is mainly meant to be a light and maneuverable armor. Allowing Salis to go anywhere easily, and keep up her high agility styled combat. In particular there is a pouch behind at her waist that helps store her lightsaber, hidden away. Normally, the armor can cover her whole body, but sometimes she leaves part of it open, or uses a hood or robe in addition and leaves off the head piece to let her hair stay open.


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