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Avatar + Signature Assistance

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Madeline Kievra

Madeline Kievra

    Scientific Mind

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Hello! To anyone who could possibly help me out I'd love to replace my current avatar with a better image, however I lack the skills to add.




Nevertheless, It would be appreciated if anyone could assist with replacing my avatar, and if you want to be even kinder, make me a personal signature. Along with that, feel free to use any picture of Hayley Atwell for my Avatar as long as it looks fine! Thank you! And, if you have any questions PM me Please!

Krystal Estain

Krystal Estain

    Smart girls don't win by being polite.

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Would love to take a look at making a sig for you -- I adore Agent Carter -- and how's something like this for an ava?


ezgif-2-474b2d312874.gif ezgif-2-47fbbad6e0bf.gif


If any of these strike your fancy, I'm happy to shrink them down to the proper size:


ezgif-2-56eb0ae7ceeb.gif ezgif-2-799bc2323ea3.gif




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