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Kad Munin

Clan Munin Bloodthirsty

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Kad Munin

Kad Munin

    Chad Munin

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Kad Munin



Name: Kad Munin
Rank: Murderous blunt object
Species: Human
Age: Thirty-seven
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Pigmentation: Blue 
Hair Colour: None
Skin Complexion: Pale
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary
Primary Allegiance(s): Clan Munin
Current Status: Active
Homeworld: Concord Dawn (adopted)
Known Residence: None available
Languages Known: Galactic Basic, Mando'a, Huttese, Twi'lek
Languages Spoken: Galactic Basic, Mando'a, Twi'lek
Force Sensitive: No.

Distinguishing Traits:

  • Completely bald
  • Disfigured by a high number of scars
  • Rarely leaves his armour


  • Highly skilled combatant
  • Fanatically dedicated to his ideals
  • Complete lack of empathy


  • Overly bloodthirsty
  • Highly prideful and vindictive
  • Complete lack of empathy


Behavioural Assessment:


Kad Munin is a killer, first and foremost. He lives for battle, the opportunity to test himself against others in the never-ending struggle for supremacy between sentient beings. He rarely accepts bounties that ask for a target to be delivered alive, and unless directly ordered to do so, will refuse to take any prisoners during a raid or battle, preferring the complete extermination of any creature not strong enough to defend themselves against him and his allies.


This lust for battle leads to both his fanatical devotion to his own ideals, of strength, power, belief in who has the right to rule over whom, as well as it does to his overly bloodthirsty nature. When every belief of his ties directly to what he feels is the centrality of battle and struggle to all of existence, then it is only fitting that he believes in the rule of the strong, and the right they have to take whatever they manage to hold. Somewhat unlike his fellow Mandalorians, however, he maintains the view that even other members of the clan are subject to the same rule. If a fellow clansman proves himself weak, then his life is forfeit—and Kad is all too happy to take it from him. This bloodlust can get in the way, however; in battle, he will throw himself to the front lines, wielding a pistol in one hand and a beskar sword in the other, carving a bloody path of destruction that makes no distinction between friend and foe. Once he is in a battle, it is wisest to stay out of his way.


Of course, a man with views like these is sure to be lacking some fundamental aspect of humanity, and Kad is no different. He has no understanding, beyond an academic level, of the concept of empathy. The plights and trials of his fellow sentients do not move him whatsoever, nor is he capable of sharing in the joy of his fellow clansmen that he himself has not directly experienced. His mind and heart are cold towards other thinking beings, more akin to an assassin droid than a living creature.


Operational Record:


Little is known of Kad Munin's early life, even among his brothers in Clan Munin. However, some guesses have been made; given his skill in battle, many have assumed that he was once a soldier, or perhaps a mercenary and bounty hunter like he is now, within the clan. Whenever he is seen out of his armour, his skin has obviously been highly damaged, likely as the result of some sort of explosion. Owing to the high regard that Kad has for Vilaz Munin, the only person he is known to respect, many others in the clan rightly believe that Vilaz must have been the one to save his life and bring him into the clan.


Regardless of his past, though, since joining Clan Munin and being renamed Kad Munin, Kad's life has been one of near-constant warfare. Raiding, fighting in battles, hiring himself out as a mercenary or a bounty hunter, he has been engaged in combat ever since his adoption into the Mandalorian way of life. Whenever Clan Munin itself engages in combat, Kad makes sure to honour the debt he has to Vilaz, and jumps into battle as part of the clan's vanguard force, breaking en entry point for the rest of the clan's warriors behind him. However, as many in the clan have learned, there is one rule to fighting at Kad's side.


Once he really gets going, stay far out of his way.

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