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Eternal Prosecutor

- - - - - Droid Eternal Empire Military

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The Amalgam

The Amalgam


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Intent: To create a general infantry droid for the Eternal Empire Military

Image Source:https://www.devianta...cs-01-667276453

Canon Link: https://starwars.fan...ide_arm_blaster

Primary Source: Battle droid


Manufacturer: The Amalgam (Eternal Empire Military Factories)

Affiliation: Eternal Empire

Model: N/A

Production: Minor

Modularity: N/A

Material: Durasteel, droid components


Classification: Fourth Degree

Weight: 75kg

Height: 2m

Movement: Bipedal

Armaments: Heavy Sonic Assault Rifle (Integrated), Twin Barrel Heavy Blaster Rifle (Integrated), Burst fire Blaster Pistol (Integrated), retractable vibro-blade (Integrated), Shoulder-Integrated micro-fragmentation grenade launcher, shoulder mounted missile launcher.

Misc. Equipment: Advanced Targeting Protocols, advanced Strategic database, advanced physiology database, Thermal Vison, Night Vision, Binocular vision, Two Mini-Repair Droids, concealed in back of droid


Heavily Armed Droid with multiple weapons, its primary one being a heavy sonic assault rifle that has far greater range, precision and penetrative power than normal, on par with an average Mandalorian Assault Rifle

All weapon systems run on an internal generator that recharges similarly to the ancient commando blaster used by Republic Clone Commandos

Advanced Strategic, Biological databases with full Infantry Programming. Comes with multiple vision modes

Heavily armored, built sturdy and difficult to damage. Capable of functioning even after sustaining over seventy percent damage. Can function in severe weather, temperature extremes

Very easy to repair, due to simplistic design, even when using nonstandard parts.

Easy to upgrade / Retrofit/ Customize

Onboard mini repair droids


Poor Bloody Infantry: Built to be the workhorse of The Eternal Empire's Droid Army, the droid is equipped with advanced onboard strategic and physiological databases, along with binocular, night, and thermal vision, along with advanced hearing sensors. It is built to be tough, reliable, and simple to operate and repair for the average Eternal Soldier. It is capable of operating even after sustaining heavy damage due to its armor, which can withstand multiple heavy blaster rounds and ion rounds, and can be repaired to working function even with substandard or jury rigged parts. They are even programmed to repair themselves if possible using jury rigged parts with two mini droids concealed in the back of the droid chassis. It is extremely good at following orders, even smart enough to make unexpected improvisations that can catch even veteran soldiers off guard occasionally. It can be surprisingly difficult to trick for a battle droid. Its torso is capable of swiveling in a full circle, allowing it to fire in all directions.

Do you feel lucky?: This droid is heavily armed, with a burst fire repeating blaster pistol, twin heavy blaster rifles that cycle between each other or fire both barrels at once, shoulder integrated missile launchers and micro-grenade dispensers, vibro blade integrated into its off hand, and its primary weapon, a Heavy Sonic Assault Rifle that has range and penetration comparable to a Mandalorian Assault Rifle with range two times greater than most blaster rifles. All weapons are useful, the heavy sonic rifle firing a devastating semi-auto shot, the heavy blaster rifles capable of either single shot or automatic fire, either alternating or firing both barrels at once, and the pistol is useful for crowds of weak enemies, and can even tear through heavy armor eventually with its highly accurate fire.

Budget-Conscious: Designed for the most budget minded militaries, with the ability to be customized for the mission at hand with better armor or power systems or even retrofitted depending on whatever else might be developed for the series in the future. It contains basic armor and weapon mountings and can recharge itself using nearly any local power system.


Co-Optable: Its easy of use and repair is a double edged sword, as any captured by the enemy can be reprogrammed or scavenged from as necessary to make new weapons. While the Eternal Empire could make use of this, its not the most pleasant prospect to face, having such dangerous material being used against you.

Frontal-Focus: Most of its armor is focused on the front, with only the bare minimum necessary to be considered heavy armor in the back. It is much easier to defeat if one ambushes it.

Ion failure: While it possesses a moderate resistance to Ion, its circuits will need twelve minutes to reboot if that resistance is overwhelmed.

Weak hand to hand: While possessing a vibro blade, its best used at range as it possesses only bare minimum hand to hand programming

Bulky: Don't use for super tight halls

Slow: Twenty five percent slower than an average humanoid soldier in terms of bipedal movement.

Best in mass: A lone droid, while deadly, won't win the day on its own. There needs to be at least ten to call it a party.

One at a time: Only one weapon system can be used at a time.

Slow recharge: It takes up to fifteen seconds to recharge its ammo on any setting

Ammo differences: Its weakest weapon settings have the most ammo, decreasong the more you move up. The repeating burst pistol has three hundred shots available, the Twin heavy blasters have Two hundred, and The Heavy Sonic Rifle has only fifty

No shields: So much effort was put elsewhere that the Amalgam decided that it did not need to come factory equipped with shields, and decided it could be added as an aftermarket luxury.


The Eternal Infantry Service War Droid, AKA The Eternal Prosecutor, is designed from the ground up as a heavily armed and armored infantry Droid with an intelligence that is just high enough to make it a cut above any other droid on the market, able to carry out complex ground operations and improvise. This is due to the fact a good part of the Eternal Empire's military is droids, so they require a much smarter war droid than normal...albeit not too smart. Distinguishing it from other droids of its type, is its primary armament, a heavy sonic assault rifle that has as much penetrative power and more range than a Mandalorian Assault Rifle. This is in anticipation of encountering many Force Adepts who can (and will) violently oppose the Eternal Empire under Kay Arenais, and the fact its primay weapon also ignores most shields as well as violently destroy living tissue and punching through many heavy armors mean even the most well equipped soldier should fear it. Though held back by its bulk, how easily it could be used by the enemy, and the recharge times of its internal weapons generator, the Prosecutor is a deadly threat on the battlefield that should be treated as a priority target by any it menaces.

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