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United We Stand, Divided they Fall. United Galactic Federation

UGF FDF Federated Navy Federated Clone Army

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Custani Valcho

Custani Valcho

    Viceroy of Mechis III

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" You know at one point those tyrants in the core will fall to the might of the Federation. And when that day comes. Unity in will come with it." Prime Minister Custani Valcho on Operation Freedom

In the depths of the Deep Core a group of politicians, Warlords, Military Leaders and Business Leaders amassed two large Fleets of ships and created a coalition dedicated to retaking the Core and giving it back to true Democrats. The Galactic Republic ruled the Core for one thousand years of unprecedented peace. But so came the Galactic Empire. They plunged the galaxy into centruies of proactive war and constant political turmoil. The Federation wants the old Core back. The Federation wants the old Galaxy back

On Kamino , the newly appointmented Prime Minister of the newly created United Galactic Federation, Custani Valcho began pouring hundreds of millions of credits into the production of a Clone Army and the production of new capital ships forrhe Exodus and Mercantile Fleets of the Federation.

Without commanders these two forces were pointless. They were bred for combat and yet they were not even aware of the wider galaxy around them.

They need Commanders. They need Leaders. They need YOU!

Join the Galactic Federation. Lead the Clones to victory. Lead the Core to freedom.