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For Thine Is The Kingdom [TSE]

- - - - - TSE Revelry

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For once the Sith Magnus was speechless, that was indeed Darth Voracitos. He gazed upon the legend speak to a woman he had also heard of but his eyes began to scan in awe of the glory of Bastion and his Emperor's great feast. He did not dare move or speak, he absorbed all the architecture of the great city and all around him to recreate in tributes later as was his nature. There were facedshe had seen and those he had yet to see and for a moment he was struck with the nostalgia of the old One Sith.

The voice of the emperor quieted his mind as he called upon all present to partake in the feast and sit upon his table. Like the soldier he had become he was ready for the toast beside his seat and raised his glass at the mention of the sacrifice of their soldiers. There had been countless lives lost but Mythos took solace that he had saved the lives of his own soldiers as well as ended the lives of his enemies.

Only when it was time to feast did he take a gander and not who was there but who was missing. Mainly his master Ophidia but that was a given, then second now that he was in Bastion was to look for Braxus Zambrano. Out of the corner of his eye he saw him walking deep into the room flanked by a woman he could not distinguish yet had such a familiar feel. Braxus was a tower of darkness that brought fear into the hearts of most beings in the galaxy but he made Mythos feel so safe. If he was here Mythos knew nothing would happen in the city if he did not wish it so and if his wish was his death then he would have been served along with this meal.

He came hungry and the food was perfect, better than herptile meat which his diet mostly consisted of during the Sii-ruuk campaigns. He sat down in a massive onix chair in the right hand side of the Emperor and took what was clearly wookie mutton to his plate. Before eating he raised his wine once again and toasted to his Emperor as thanks for the meal as well, a custom of Nabooians everywhere.

"Thank you my Lord and if I may a gift for Darth Prazutis when most convinient." He said before producing a cylindrical container made of NomNom wood, possibly the rarest of all Atrisian woods. In the middle was the seal of the Malgus family crest. "It's the last one before I go back to get more".

Inside was the last of the Mythic Era royal cigars and part of a set that was now most likley gone and if the fauna north of Jar'Kai was pernantly barren, now extinct. If the darkside corruption continiued behind the Longoku wall as Mythos personally saw that it was under the First Order's consent and permission. The new Cigars made there will be made of Dark Bota. It was lamentable that the strain of Tabbak there was now gone as with many tea leaves but in exchange now Mythos could create variants of dark side enhancing drugs and narcotics.

The first was already made and here. "But for us your Majesty and present company". He said smiling and producing a large, black, death stick looking cigarro. Inside was the best strain of Sith Root he created in Jar'Kai that fed from the massive Nexus of dark side energy in the dead city.

With a single finger he casted a spark of sith lightning that struck the tip of the cigarro igniting it in a neon purple smoke that was so thick the smoke mimicked a smoke bombs. He inhaled deep as the thick smoke vanished as quickly as it came. He passed the Cigarro to his left and blew the smoke high above the heads of all present creating a violet hue of smoke above them all.

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