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VW-04 "Vallistra" - Pattern Solarized Disruptor Sniper Rifle

- - - - - Golden Company Sniper Rifle Disruptor Rifle Solar Rifle TGC

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Eternal Cyan

Eternal Cyan
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  • Manufacturer: The Golden Company
  • Affiliation: The Golden CompanyClosed-Market
  • Model: VW-04 “Vallistra” - Pattern Solarized Disruptor Sniper Rifle
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: DurasteelArginiumTitanium


  • Classification: Solarized Disruptor Sniper Rifle
  • Muzzle/Projectile Velocity: 299,792,458 m/s
  • Size: Large (55 inches)
  • Weight: Very Heavy (27 Lbs. with Power Cell), Extreme (47 Lbs. with Mobile Power Generator)
  • Ammunition Type: Power Cell or Mobile Power Generator, Plasma Cartridge
  • Ammunition Capacity: 2 Beams per Power Cell, 10 Beams per Plasma Cartridge, Theoretically Unlimited with Mobile Power Generator
  • Reload Speed: Average (~3-4 seconds)
  • Effective Range: Extreme (20000 m)
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low (~18.5 RPM, with Power Cell), Low (~32.4 RPM, with Mobile Power Generator)
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: High


  • Bio-metric Security Systems

  • Integrated HUD Uplink

  • Ambidexterous Support

  • HUD-Linked Rangefinder and Targeting Computer

  • Integrated Combat Rails

  • Multi-Spectrum Variable Zoom HUD-Linking Sniper Scope (2-100x Magnification, Clear Channel, Thermal, Infrared, Low-Light Vision Settings)

  • Non-Lethal/Stun Setting


  • Shield Nullifier: Like most disruptor and solar-based rifles, The solarized energy projectiles that the Vallistra discharges is capable of completely phasing through shielding systems undepleted and unimpeded. The energy projectile itself does nothing to remove the shields, but it does phase through them, thereby nullifying their protective qualities.
  • Stopping Power: The Vallistra is formally classified as an anti-materiel rifle. It is capable of burning through and disintegrating armor plating, disabling light vehicles (including starfighters), and impeding heavy vehicles. In addition, like all disruptor rifles, the Vallistra can annihilate its target by rending the victim apart at the molecular level.
  • Skystriker: The Vallistra is effective out to 20,000 meters. The weapon’s range is so long that it can fire further than the visual horizon of a six foot individual standing at sea level.
  • Ion/EMP Resistance: The Vallistra is constructed with materials that enable it to withstand and remain operational through moderate discharges of ionic or EMP energy.


  • Lightsaber Deflective: Although the Vallistra fires solarized energy bolts that travel at the exact speed of light, if a force wielder is able to sense the exact intent of the the shooter before they discharge the weapon, it is possible that they can deflect the energy bolt with a lightsaber or another weapon that is capable of doing so.
  • Weight: The Vallistra is a very heavy weapon, even more so if the operator chooses to utilize a mobile power generator over a power cell. It is most capable in the hands of a naturally strong species or by individuals wearing powered armor (which presumably increases the strength of the operator).
  • Low Rate of Fire: In order to alleviate overheating issues, the Vallistra has a fire rate limiter which prevents the operator from discharging the weapon again until after almost a full second has passed after the last shot.
  • Low Capacity: The standard power cell can only allow for the discharge of two solarized energy bolts before the operator must reload another one. In addition, the standard plasma cartridge must be reloaded with a new one after ten shots have been fired from the weapon. As such, it is recommended that the operator put a new plasma cartridge in the weapon before each mission.


The Vallistra was created by the Golden Company in response to the need for a dedicated anti-materiel sniping platform. Although the Helius and the Fatebringer can act as a makeshift designated marksman weapons in a pinch, they lack the necessary range to make them a viable and dependable system. As such, the Vallistra was developed to fill the void in the Golden Company’s armory. More significantly, the Vallistra represents a fusion of disruptor and solarized energy research, and it is one of the very first weapons of its kind. In essence, the weapon discharges solarized disruptor bolts which have the shield nullifying properties of both weapon types and the target annihilation abilities of a disruptor.

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Eternal Cyan

Eternal Cyan
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Gir Quee


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