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Nolo Kontra

Jedi Gand

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Nolo Kontra

Nolo Kontra
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NAME: Nolo Kontra



RANK: Jedi Sentinel


SPECIES: Gand (Lungless)


AGE: Mid 30s (Biological)


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 1.8 Meters


WEIGHT: 75 Kilos


EYES: Grey


HAIR: None


SKIN: Brown-ish






STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Experience: Nolo as seen and done a lot in his life. From outliving the old republics Jedi Order to learning more then one perspective on The Force.

Biological Strengths: No lungs means he doesn't need to worry about poisonous gases, hard exoskeleton, regrow limbs.





Poor Piloting Skills: Never really needed to learn how to fly.

Overly Aggressive: Given his history with both the things he has, and hasn't done he is more willing then ever to be confrontational.

Overly Competitive: Nolo is always looking to outdo himself and others even if that means going against some of his more practical believes.






Nolo looks like most others of the Gand species to most people. However, he's actually quite tall, and lean for Most Gand, he also has five fingers instead of 3. He speculated this is from several generations of gene manipulation as a the son of a Findsmen. Nolo is also a lungless Gand, so his "voice" sounds like he's being heavily vibrated, or is speaking into a fan. Despite not needing breath masks, he still wears them from time to time to help conceal his identity. He normally wears blend of coats and robes that often reach his knees. When he's expecting combat or on duty he can easily be seen wearing various helmets.




Nolo in his younger years was more of a stoic individual who didn't easily let things get to him, or at least made it seem like they didn't. However, through his years that has change and in some way he has become the more rash individual that the Findsmen feared he would. It is rather easy for him to be hyper vigilant and confrontational. Also he has developed a rather pragmatic views on The Force and its abilities. Valuing that which can be useful with it. Thus he has little problem with seeing even the most pious of Jedi letting out a barrage of Force Lightning so long as it was needed for the moment and the intention behind it was not one of hate or rage. Since in his more neutral views, intention and personal code is was distinguishes a Jedi from a Sith not the power they wield. On top of allthis, like most of his kind he's rather quite humble with himself, but also feels that he's unworthy fromhis inaction in the past.




44 BBY - 25BBY


24BBY - Present















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