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Keth Nyakobi


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Keth Nyakobi

Keth Nyakobi


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 NAME: Keth Nyakobi
FACTION: Jutrand Jedi Academy

RANK: Jedi Padawan
SPECIES: Pantoran
AGE: 14
GENDER: Non-binary. You can call me he, she, or they, I'm fine with all of them.
WEIGHT: 120 lbs

EYES: Yellow (not red like in the picture)

HAIR: Black

SKIN: Blue

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes. Trained but inexperienced. Has trouble with anything that requires fine attunement to the force (such as sensing others' presence or a disturbance) but fine with a lightsaber and physical manipulation.





+ Energetic

+ Creative

+ Agile

+ Kind

+ Motivated


- Reckless

- Headstrong

- Trouble with sensing things through the force

- Naive

- Impatient


Blue-skinned with yellow eyes. Short black hair with traditional Padawan braid. Slim build. No obvious birthmarks or scars. Prefers to wear simple thigh-length brown robe and tight pants.


You won't meet anyone more energetic or driven in the Jedi Order than Keth. Well, that's her opinion, anyway. Keth has many things to be excited about, after all -- as well as many frustrations.

Excited about:
-Advanced lightsaber forms (eg. Form IV acrobatics)
-Spaceships (esp. small dogfighters)
-Serving the good of the galaxy

Frustrated about:
-Condescending attitude of Jedi masters
-Trouble/block in connecting with the force fully
-Not being taken seriously
-Needing to be so reserved and calm all the time

Keth is kind-hearted but often overestimates his abilities. He is at his best when he is working tirelessly towards a goal, or improvising in the heat of the moment. He is at his worst when he is told to sit tight, wait, and not do anything rash. (This rarely works out.)


Keth was part of a distinguished political family, and with that comes a certain degree of gravitas, maturity, and poise. At least, that's what his parents always told him. He was never all that great at any of those things. All he wanted to do was get in a ship and fly away to adventures unknown. Her room has always been strewn with action figures, model ships, battle sim games, and all the paraphernalia of one who has no idea what a war is really like.

With growing apprehension, his parents watched as instead of growing into a seasoned diplomat, Keth ran off to play in the mud with the lower class children every afternoon. She tapped her fork on the plate impatiently during formal dinners, and fidgeted during the speeches which she had to read off of cards. It became increasingly clear to everyone that this was not where she belonged.


When a visiting delegation of Jedi came to visit, they took note of the fidgety youth. One of them sat down with Keth's parents and explained that their child was powerful with the force but dangerously untrained. Though it took a little convincing, the Jedi was eventually able to recruit the child as a Jedi Padawan. It helped that Keth often seemed out of place as it was, and was having trouble growing into a life of diplomacy. Keth tearfully embraced her parents and, wide-eyed, boarded the ship with her new companions.

6 years have passed since then, and Keth has learned much and trained hard. One thing he hasn't yet learned, though, is restraint. That will need to be learned through many painful lessons, it seems.

Green lightsaber

Communication device

Small satchel with food, cash, a blaster pistol, and various assorted tools for tinkering with spaceships and electronics.





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