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Aubrey Landcaster


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Aubrey Landcaster

Aubrey Landcaster

    Forgetful Fighter

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faceclaim: Jack Gilinski
NAME: Aubrey Landcaster

FACTION: Undecided

RANK: Mercenary


AGE: Twenty-Two

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: Five Foot, Ten Inches

WEIGHT: One Hundred Fifty-Six lbs

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: Tanned



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Eye for Detail: Aubrey notices the little things whether it be in people or when he’s trying to find information on something or someone.
+ Protective
- Hotheaded
- Terrible Pilot
- Problem with Authority


PERSONALITY: Myles is a very flirtatious guy, never ceasing the opportunity to try and charm someone. 



Aubrey’s Merc Gear:


Aubrey strapped on his boots and double checked that his blaster was ready. "Hey! Yo Jonas,what's the ETA?" Aubrey yelled from his quarters to the cockpit of their cargo freighter. There was no response. Aubrey sighed as he threw on his black log sleeve shirt. The man then made his way to the cockpit. He grunted as he entered, Jonas was listening to some loud pop song, singing along. Aubrey snuck behind the pilot seat and jumped out tp scare Jonas.

"AH!" Yelled Jonas, who instantly went out and punched Aubrey in the gut.

Aubrey crumpled to the floor. "You ass, what the hell was that for?" Aubrey said between labored breaths.

"You deserved it Bree. Shouldn't have scared me," Jonas said as he turned down the blaring music.

Aubrey recovered a few minutes later. pulling himself up and moving to the co pilot's seat. He looked over to Jonas who was focusing on piloting again. They were nearing their destination to make a drop. Jonas looked over to Aubrey and smiled.

"What's with the long face Bree?" He asked with a frown.


Aubrey shook his head. "Nothing Joan. Sorry for scarring you." 


"It's okay Bree, go check on the package."

Pain filled Aubrey's thoughts.

Aubrey sighed, it was always like that, whenever he tried to remember it would just be blank. That was the last memory he had of his partner. All he really remembers is waking up from a crash and Jonas being gone.

Aubrey and Jonas. A week before the crash.

Does your character have a personal ship? If so, describe it in moderate detail (what does it look like, what can it do, what types of weapons and engines does it have, etc.).

Post the names of the PC characters (characters role-played by real people) that your character has killed. If possible, include a link to the thread in which your character killed him/her.

Post the names of any bounties you have delivered and the amount of money you gained for it. If possible, include a link to the thread in which it happened.


Run and Never Look Back (ongoing).
A Peacekeepers’ Paradise (ongoing).

Spicy Business (Ongoing)

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