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MRG-C Battle Droid

- - - - - Droid

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  • Intent: To specify the type of droid Merg is
  • Image Source: Pinterest And ArtStation [Merged together with Photoshop]
  • Canon Link:  -NA-
  • Primary Source: -NA-


  • Manufacturer: Meriga
  • Affiliation: Merg  MRG-C22
  • Model: MRG-C
  • Production: Unique
  • Modularity: -No-
  • Material: Durasteel Armor PlatingStandard Droid Components, Droid Brain Unit


  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 85 kilograms
  • Height: 1,8 meters
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: Programmed to be able to handle most common classes of blaster weapons, no attached weapons by default
  • Misc. Equipment:
  •  Grappling hook [Under right wrist]
  •  A big and shiny blue eye [Wow]


  • The MRG-C's moving parts make almost no distinguishable noise, making it perform extremely well on recon missions.
  • The MRG-C stores a strong grappling hook with the ability to be shot 25 meters away by the droids will under its right wrist.


  • Swift: The light armor allows the MRG-C model to be significantly more agile than most droids of the same nature.
  • Efficient: The MRG-C model is capable of estimating the distance of its intended target with 93% accuracy, and is deadly accurate with most long- and medium range blasters. This makes it extremely dangerous when used for assassinations or other ill purposes.


  • VulnerableThe notably lighter armor that only seems to cover vital parts of it's components makes the MRG-C model notably more vulnerable to blaster fire.
  • UnreliableDue to the fact that the MRG-C is officially an unfinished model, it experiences different malfunctions from time to time. Including: [But not limited to] Jammings, unexpected rebooting, etc...


An experimental droid model originally created a decade back, the C class of Meriga's MRG battle droids never actually saw the light of day and is a very rare sight to come across. The model was supposedly created as a scout variant to Meriga's original battle droids [MRG-A], evident by their much lighter armor, slimmer figure and darker greenish colors.


The MRG-C is capable of handling and operating most long- and medium range blasters with ease and with nearly pin point accuracy, but seems to have trouble with hand-to-hand combat. It has a small grappling hook attached to a strong rope under its right wrist and has the ability to launch it toward its desired target [Up to 25 meters away] by will. The MRG-C also seems to be able to communicate fluently in at least three languages [Basic, Huttese and Droidspeak].


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