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Operation Ochre Winter: Gathering Storm

- - - - - First Order

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Location: FIV Crusader, Virgillia System

Objective: Take what we can, give nothing back. 




The wreck stood in stark contrast to the red sun in the distance. The ruined vessel was strewn across what the sensors declared was fifteen kilometres. It had been once had a Mandator-V Dreadnought, the FIV Carnivore. In the dying days of the First Order, at least according to the logs obtained by communications intercepts, it had been established Admiral Grazon Krayle of the Fourth Fleet had had the vessel commandeered to carry supposed weapons of mass destruction to a military base on Yalara. The vessel never made it that far, with its grave being found in the Abaljeck sector. They made it as far as Virgillia before something happened. 

Now the Carnivore sat strewn across the system. Its fate unknown. But the fact the vessel was there at all, meant there was some possibility of finding the firepower the First Order needed. And with that firepower, came the potential for retribution. The schematics retrieved from Zakuul City showed several vulnerabilities which could be exploited. Vulnerabilities which could potentially lead to the premature demise of this supposedly 'Eternal' Empire. But the timeline for it now rested on how much and what could be gleaned from the Carnivores' ruin. 

From the Crusader's command deck, Grand Admiral Rausgeber examined the wreckage. "Take us in," He commanded, "I want every bit of scrap scoured for any sort of processing," He then gestured to the bulk of the wreck, the largely in tact aft and command deck portion. "That right there, deploy the recovery team." The Imperator commanded, "I want each and every part of this vessel searched, nothing is to be left behind."