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Bun Intended Food Truck

- - - - - TOTT Bun Intended SR&L Food Truck

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Intent: To create a food truck for Bun Intended.
Image Source: Kyungbin Yoo
Canon Link: Gungan Personal Energy Shield
Primary Source: N/A



Manufacturer: Stellarwind R&L / Tricks of the Trade
Affiliation: Bun Intended
Model: SRL-CCL-001 Ori'skraan Food Truck
Modularity: Limited. Kitchen Fittings may be installed, removed or replaced.
Production: Semi-Unique.
Material: Durasteel, Nykkalt, Repulsorlift Engines, Transparisteel, Veshok Wood, Miscellaneous Electronics.



Classification: Repulsorlift Barge
Role: Mobile Restaurant
Size:  Average
Weight: Heavy
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 2
Propulsion: Repulsorlift
Speed: Slow
Maneuverability: Average
Armaments: Low
Defenses: High
Passenger Capacity: 8
Cargo Capacity: Large




Concealed Light Ion Cannons
Hydrostatic Field Generator
Kitchen Appliances


Cooling Chamber
Focus Cooker
Food Synthesizer
Nanowave Stove
Water Purifier

Smuggling Compartments



Don’t Wet Your Appetite: Because no one wants to eat buns in the rain, each truck comes full equipped with a powerful hydrostatic field generator to keep the veranda comfortably dry all year round. When cranked up to the highest setting, the bubble also serves to protect the vehicle from physical attacks and blaster ire.  


Some Items Are Not On the Menu: Nykkalt lined storage compartments cunning concealed in the veranda and in the kitchen itself. Practically invisible to all forms of electronic detection.


Only The Food is Fast: This is a food truck. It isn’t going to be winning any swoop races. It’s speed is considered ponderous at best.

Shield Me From Those SpaceYelp Reviews: The defense rating provided is based on the aforementioned Field Generator being  in operation. Without it, the Food Truck is a slowly moving hunk of durasteel with a highly combustible cargo.




A one of a kind custom line of vehicles for a one of a kind business on the edges of the galaxy, the Ori'skraan was commissioned to fill a role somewhere between food truck, restaurant and covert smuggling operation. While normally aerial vehicles are not within the wheelhouse of the Stellarwind design team, the challenge that provided to be interesting enough to make an exception. The implied promise of free food was completely incidental.


The end result is a repulsorlift barge with a robust veshok wood veranda, fully stocked kitchen and some rather nifty compartments that seem to elude even the most aggressive of sensor suites. It also features a deceptively powerful hydrostatic field generator that allows it to be operational all year round, regardless of weather conditions or the fabled aggression of rival franchises. A set of concealed ion cannons further helps with the latter, clearly showing that lessons were learned from those tragic events of the Terminus Food Wars in ‘48.  



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