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Kaiju Magnum Dong Skreeeeonk

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NAME: Garza
RANK: Destroyer of Everything
SPECIES: Altered Leviathan/Sea Leviathan
AGE: Unknown, Potentially Eons old
SEX: Considered Male
HEIGHT: 582 feet
WEIGHT: 147,549 Tons
EYES: Blue
HAIR: None
SKIN: Black/Blue/Grey color scale, Scale/Hide



Magnum Dong: Garza is, and likely will be the largest and heaviest looking creature you will ever see. This allows him to walk through city scapes and destroy buildings with ease. Smash shields, and destroy even more. 

Sticks and Stones: Being as massive as he is, Garza is one of the few things out there that can withstand any kind of small arms fire, and even some star fighter weaponry for a time. His hide is durable, and a measly couple of Jedi will find little to no effect with their weapons of the iconic lightsabers. Even so, Garza like many of his ancestors/Siblings, can even walk through Lava, or swim to some degree. 

Dark Aura: As a creation of the Dark side, naturally the creature is force sensitive to a degree. What degree that is, is unknown. However, due to his immense size, his "Force Signature" is more along the lines of a Force Nexus. Secondary to this, Due to the natural capabilities of one such as these Leviathans, Their aura can disrupt the sensing capabilities of Force users. Making them potentially hear screams of the dead, or even their loved ones. Headaches, and even actions taken just to make the pain stop are also notifiable traits of those who fail to resist the dark aura. 



Stealth?: Size, weight, a roar that can clash louder than thunder from kilometers away, and a force signature that is more akin to a nexus within the force? Yeah. Stealth is not an option for this guy. No amount of taozin nodules, or even the skinned hide as a suit could get no where near close to hiding this guy. It is legitimately impossible. 

Collateral: Purpose? Destroy everything. How could you ever expect for a creature of this size be able to not cause damage to what you may be attempting to defend, keep people who are alive, alive. Or to simply not destroy the city scape that he is in? You don't. 

Planetary: Due to the size of Garza, as well as the weight, the only way to move him from planet to planet is to have a corvette built specifically to house him during travels between planets. The pure size, stature and the time required to move this creature also means he won't be escaping without you knowing about it. 

Blisters Where?: A strange twist upon this creature in particular, is the Blister pods that would otherwise be upon its hide, are actually housed within the stomach lining of the creature. In order for Garza to gain more knowledge, he must literally consume the creature and gain knowledge and energy from the blister pods that are within his stomach. 

Bigger is Better: The larger the weapons you can use upon this creature, the more likely you can take it down. While it may take some repeated assaults in order to cause damage to Garza, its a tried and true way. If it doesn't work, get a bigger gun." 

Pesky Force Users: While the aura around Garza can be quite dangerous to Force users, Those who are more capable in keeping their mind clear of such distractions, namely masters, will be able to get in close and deal some damage. One of the more notable weaknesses to Force Users, is the use of Force Lightning, or electrical based attacks. 



Have you ever wondered about the creatures that your grandparents tell you? Have you ever wondered about the myths of beings so massive they could tower over buildings? How could they ever be true? How could they ever be real? 


Garza, is your answer. 


Massive in size, and stature, Garza as he has been called, is an altered leviathan. Taking upon the appearances and attributes of both the Sea Leviathan, as well as the Land based cousin. Namely, having the ability to walk upon land, through lava, and swim rather well with a series of finned hands and feet. It's tail and back can also "sprout" fins in which allow it to swim up to speeds that can rival vessels that would even be much smaller in size to itself. 


However, upon land, is a whole new story. 


Standing even larger than other recorded Leviathans, Garza is assume to likely be one of the first, if not the first leviathan created by an unknown Sith Lord. While many assumed it to be either Sorzus Syn, or Karness Muur. The size, as well as the unique abilities could very well be an evolution, or the prototype testing creature that was created. Living for literal eons would have allowed it to grow to such size, and power. 


More over, having a very noticeable presence within the force, that can rival that of a Force Nexus. Garza could very likely, have been the first ever Leviathan Sithspawn, that the various other Sith Sorcerers have been attempting to replicate to the current results, bringing forth what is considered the "normal" Leviathan. 



G4R5A Series Drop Pods



Plasma Breath - A unique trait of this leviathan in particular. Able to generate a beam of uncontrollable plasma in a given direction by way of "breathing" it out, or coaxing it from their maw as a "breath." It is unsure if this is caused by the force itself, or is a superior version of Fireball belch or even Force Destruction. Another thought, is that the creature simply can super heat a gas substance within its maw and project the contents of the gas while super heated into a "beam" or a "blade" of plasma from its mouth. While other's of its kind could spew fire, The energy output of Garza seems to be along the lines of a Plasma than that of flame. 

Force Bellow: A creature of this size would clearly be the champion of any roar. However, should someone just happen to piss of this creature enough, A bellow can amplify Garza's voice to lethal levels. 

Telepathy: While the creature itself reserves his thoughts to himself, should one discover the thought of the creature, or attempt to commune with it, there is a chance for it to speak to them. 

Animal Domination: Garza is the Apex predator of whatever planet he decides to reside over. As such, its very clear that animals around it can either flea just because he wills it. Or otherwise, attempt to fight back because Garza can dominate the minds of smaller creatures around itself to go into either a Fight or Flight response. The extent of these abilities are unknown. 

Force Drain: A unique ability of the Leviathans, they can drain energy to power themselves through the creatures they capture within their blister pods. As such, So can Garza. Even if that means swallowing them. 

Drain Knowledge: The Secondary ability of the Blisterpods that line the creatures stomach, they can absorb the knowledge of all the creatures its eats. Thus, becoming smarter itself, as it seems Garza has no Master. 

Alter Environment: The overall ability for one being to be able to change, alter, or manipulate the surrounding environment around them. Namely for Garza, the ground, fire, and water. And much more. 

Force Storm: Generates a Storm. However, it is done not of it's own free will. Rather, it creates storms applying to its emotions at the time. Typically when sleeping, or in a calmed state, storms don't form. However, when angered, or in battle, it happens to naturally create storms. These Storms can fluctuate or even just be related to the planet its on. However, there are unique times where on planets that can have all kinds of weather, that Garza can accidentally create a storm that will have various types of precipitation.



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