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Wreath of the Sovereign

- - - - - TSE Joycelyn Zambrano Princess of Dromund Kaas Sith Alchemy

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Joycelyn Zambrano

Joycelyn Zambrano

    Darth Vornskr the Second

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  • Manufacturer: Sith-Imperial, Royal Jewellers.
  • Affiliation: Joycelyn Zambrano 
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: None.
  • ProductionUnique 

  • Material: Alchemised gold, corusca gem, silk.


  • Symbol of Authority: Made by the royal sith-imperial jewellers, the Wreath of the Sovereign is a recognised symbol of imperial authority and serves as a badge of office for the Princess of Dromund Kaas, heir to the imperial throne. Every detail of this diadem is made to showcase subtle power without being in the way of practicality. 
  • Dark Energies: Latent in the diadem is a current of the dark side of the Force. This pulls the wearer toward the dark side and gives them a minor boost of power when they lean into their dark tendencies.
  • Eye of Blasting: A centrepiece in the diadem is a single corusca gem nestled into the flame-shaped gold plates. A cluster of sith runes are carved into the back of the gem: 'control', 'reach', 'sight', 'blast', and 'power'. This gives the wearer the ability to concentrate the force in their line of sight and summon a blast of concussive energy analogue to that of a particle beam. The blast has a relatively short range (Optimum range: 15 meters) from between the wearer's eyes, and it follows line of sight. 


  • Dark Power: The Wreath of the Sovereign grants a dark side aligned wearer a minor boost to their force affinity, making it marginally easier to employ abilities relying on the dark side of the Force. A follower of the light who dons the diadem will feel an immediate draw to the dark. 
  • Combustion: A force sensitive wearing the Wreath of the Sovereign will be able to summon a straight line of concentrated force energy terminating in an explosion upon contact with a solid object or opposing force. This blast is similar in nature and power to the particle beam of a particle beam blaster.
    • Sabres: The explosion is effective against lightsabres as it detonates on impact, possibly harming or disarming the opponent.
  • Symbol: As a badge of office and a symbol of the Imperial royal family, the Wreath of the Sovereign inspires loyalty among troops and respect among citizens.


  • Blasted: The blast travels in a straight line from the wearer's forehead to the terminus and then explodes. If it is interrupted anywhere on the way, the blast ignites prematurely, potentially harming the wearer. If the wearer's line of sight is disrupted, the attack is similarly disrupted and will either fizzle out or ignite prematurely. 
    • Range: With an optimum range of 15 meters, the blast cannot compete with weapons with proper range. 
  • Local Currency: There is no supernatural inspirational effect, the Wreath of the Sovereign does not inspire loyalty in foreign troops. On the contrary, it may paint the wearer as a target for enemy snipers.
  • Force-Born: Born from Sith Alchemy, the item is dependent on the Force to function. If placed in an ysalamiri bubble or similar force-void, the item will be inert until connection is re-established.
  • Dark-Spawned: Born from Sith Alchemy, the item is also weak against attacks made from pure light, such as Force light. A direct blast may sunder the item. 


Joycelyn Zambrano, also known as Darth Vornskr the Second, was made heir apparent to the imperial throne when she was granted the title Princess of Dromund Kaas in New Kaas City after the Liberation of Csilla. In celebration of her ascension, the Princess requested a crown be made as a symbol of her new office and an heirloom for the princes and princesses to come.


What was wrought in her honour was the Wreath of the Sovereign: A diadem of gold leaves shaped to look like a halo of flames wrapping around her head. Where the flames meet, on the top of her head, there is a small corusca gem, the back of which has been inscribed with sith runes. The diadem is worn over the top of the head and is fastened at the base of the skull by way of a black, silk ribbon. The design is made to be comfortable to wear, yet striking against the typical dark hair of the Zambranos. 


After the based design was approved, each golden plate was inscribed with a sith compound-rune to help channel dark energies. By the end, the crown was soaked in an alchemical solution and imbued with the dark side of the Force. This process bound the magic of the runes to the item and allows the wearer to channel power through it in order to harness its powers.


Initially, the crown was only supposed to function as a focus of power, granting a boost to the wearer's affinity with the dark side of the Force. However, circumstances involving a failed attempt at reproducing Exar Kun's amulet and an unfortunate office death resulted in the already inscribed corusca gem being available. With a few minor adaptations, the enchantment was completed with greater effect than anticipated. 


The item and its enchantment was also well received by the intended wearer, Joycelyn Zambrano. 


Use of the item requires that it is worn and that the wearer takes a full moment to focus energies through the diadem. The explosive ray coalesces at the wearer's forehead and shoots forward until it strikes a solid target. However, the attack is only truly effective at approximately 15 meters. This means it cannot compete with the range of modern firearms.


The basic enchantment gives the wearer a minor boost when using force abilities that rely on the dark side of the Force, thus conserving the wearer's energy. 




Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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