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Voph's Kinesium Armor

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  • Classification: Anti-Kinetic
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High

- Kinetic: Extreme

- Lightsabers: Average

- Sonic: None

- EMP/ION: None

- Elemental: Average



  • Force Imbued: The armor has been imbued with the Force to offer additional benefits to the wearer
  • D3-KK Kinetic Shield: The armor hosts the D3-KK Kinetic Shield Component.
  • Ri-Qorit Compatible: The left gauntlet is designed to allow Voph's Ri-Qorit device to be worn underneath it.
  • Nanovest Compatible: The chestplate is designed to allow Voph's Nanovest to be worn underneath it.
  • Weaponized Gauntlets: The gauntlets feature additional weapon systems.
  • Energy Absorbing Crystals: The armor has a web of Force Crystals embedded in the Greaves, as well as two chunks embedded in the heals.
  • Utility Belt: The belt offers various mounts for lightsabers, grenades, and other small utilities.
  • Sensor Package: Voph's armor has an integrated sensor suite, allowing his A.I. program to function at full effectiveness while broadcasting to his armor.


  • Force Imbuement: The armor is imbued with the Force, conferring benefits to the wearer. Owing to the creator's ability to walk the line between light and shadow, the armor offers different benefits depending on the user's state of mind.
    • Chestplate:
      • Light Side: The Chestplate passively channels Force Body, allowing the wearer to shrug off more hits.
      • Dark Side: The Chestplate passively channels Force Affliction, slowing and poisoning those in the vicinity too weak to resist its effects.
    • Gauntlets:
      • Light Side: Placing the gauntlets in an X configuration in front of the wearer will trigger a Force Barrier, able to absorb a large amount of damage, but forcing the user to remain immobile to maintain the barrier.
      • Dark Side: As the wearer submits to the shadow, their hatred boils over. This hatred can be channeled into the Focus created by the gauntlets. By a closed fist and outstretched arm, a blast of Dark Side energy is created. 
    • Greaves:‚Äč
      • Light Side: Allows the user to cast Phase Walk without requiring the same level of focus this ability would otherwise require.
      • Dark Side: A web of Force Crystals within the Greaves stores Force Energy, allowing the user to tap into the imbued ability of Force Phantom, and summon forth a shadowy clone of the wearer's own being.
  • Weaponized Gauntlets: Ever the opportunist, Voph has mounted an array of gadgets on his armor. On his left gauntlet, a shield generator capable of stopping a lightsaber, as well as a miniature lightsaber emitter underneath the arm, and a Liquid Cable grapple Launcher above it. On his right gauntlet, a Flamethrower mounted to the side, Electronet launcher above, and a second Miniaturized Lightsaber Emitter beneath. Both gauntlets have spikes protruding from the knuckles at the base of the fingers, allowing for increased effectiveness in unarmed combat.
  • Extreme Kinetics: The use of Kinesium in the armor's design offers considerable Kinetic Defense. When paired with the Gel Underlayer, the Kinesium armor provides an unparalleled defense.
  • Armorweave Bodyglove: The bodyglove the armor is worn on top of is made from armorweave, allowing for an increased resilience to Blaster fire, on top of what the Kinesium material already provides.
  • Crystal Web: The Crystal web in the boots store Force Energy, allowing the wearer to passively channel Force Phantom with reduced strain.
  • Crystal Heels: The Force Crystals within the heels have been attuned to store Force Energy, reducing the effectiveness of abilities such as Force Lightning.
  • D3-KK Shield: The armor features a Kinetic Shield allowing the wearer to emphasize his own physicality while fighting


  • EMP/Ion/Sonic: The armor has no resistance to these effects.
  • Lightsabers: Though the Kinesium offers some degree of resistance, anything more than a glancing blow will cause significant damage, and prolonged contact with a lightsaber blade will melt the sheet of Kinesium it is in contact with.
  • Force Imbuement: The Force Imbuements only function if the wearer is Force Sensitive.
  • Kinetic Limits: Overwhelming strikes, such as large chunks of debris, will overwhelm the armor's kinetic resistance.
  • No Helmet: The Armor, though capable of supporting a helmet, does not have such a feature naturally.
  • Weak Joints: To maintain maximum flexibility and agility, the Kinesium Plating is lighter and weaker, or non-existent, around the joints.

"There was a moment, a turning point, if you will, when we knew the war was drawing to a close. Everyone could feel it in the air. With the Alliance on the rise, it was only a matter of time before we found a way to break the unbreakable. And then...Bothawui happened. I've seen the Commander angry before, but this... I've never seen him like this. He locked himself away for a long time. Got real quiet. Next thing we knew, we were on a suicide mission to avenge the fallen at Bothawui. And at our helm, the Commander. Gone was the cloak of pilgrimage that hung from his shoulders. His armor had been reforged..." --Captain of Razor Squad, some time around 3631 BBY


Though his armor was lost to time, Voph still remembered the finer details, and sought to replicate the armor. With modern advancements, Voph was not only able to reforge the armor, but improve it. Modeled after his Sith Heritage, the armor is designed to cut a lasting image in the memories of those that face against it. Emphasizing the large man's physicality, while maintaining the agility Voph desires for opponents that outclass him, the armor is large and bulky. The material used in its construction, however, maintains a degree of lightweight construction, meaning that for all its size the armor doesn't weigh much more than the average suit of armor. 


In his most ambitious venture into the intricacies of the Force, Voph imbued the armor to have different properties when subjected to the Light Side or Dark. When Voph walks the path of the light, the armor becomes a bastion, emphasizing Defense and resilience. But when the wearer submits to the Dark, the Force bends the armor to become a weapon in its own right, even granting the wearer the ability to summon forth a demon of the past...

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