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Éan Dóiteáin

- - - - - Domhanda

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  • Intent: To create a unique species to add biodiversity to planets

  • ​Image Credit: X

  • Canon: N/A

  • Links: Vanquo


  • Name: Éan Dóiteáin

  • Designation: Semi-sentient

  • Origins: Domhanda

  • Average Lifespan: 100-120 years

  • Estimated Population: Inter-Planetary

  • Description: The Éan Dóiteáin are somewhat large birds, with feathers that mimic fire in more ways than one. Their flame-colored feathers create fire at their will, and with golden, pupiless eyes one never knows if they are being watched.


  • Breathes: Type 1

  • Average Height of Adults: .6 meters

  • Average Length of Adults: 1.37 meters from head to end of tail

  • Skin color: N/A

  • Hair color: Feathers ranging in colors from shades of red, orange, and yellow.

  • Distinctions: The feathery crests upon their heads as well as their long tail feathers let off small sparks of flame, and move like wisps of fire during flight. Their ability to use pyromancy makes them unique among both the Domhandan and Vaquoan ecosystems. Éan Dóiteáin on Vanquo have evolved among the ferocious fauna of the planet to be larger and more aggressive than their Domhandan cousins.

  • Races: N/A

  • Force Sensitivity: All


  • Seemingly complementary to the Anam, the Éan Dóiteáin have evolved to learn pyromancy as a form of self defense. Using it to ward off predators, and those they don’t want in their territory in general, is how they have survived in the wild.

  • Their molted feathers can be used in accessories and weaved into a fabric to enhance one’s pyromancy, though only slightly. This effect can be increased using Force Imbuement.

  • The Éan Dóiteáin on Domhanda are easily tamed, and make wonderful pets, though are quite expensive both to buy and feed. One can scarcely find a well-off family without one.

  • Pyromancy is not the only defense the Éan Dóiteáin have. Their sharp talons easily rip into prey, and their beaks are long and strong, capable of breaking small bones.


  • Being near a Void Stone or other Force nullifying object or animal such as a Ysalimiri will render the Éan Dóiteáin’s pyromancy useless.

  • Their bright feathers and large bodies make them easy targets if one was hunting them.

  • Éan Dóiteáin younger than a year have not learned how to control fire very well yet, and are easy prey for larger predators. At most, they can create a small burst, but nothing more than a firecracker.

  • If used incorrectly, they can cause forest fires with their ability.


  • Diet: Omnivore, though they prefer fruits and seeds. In the wild, they will hunt for small prey and larger insects for their young to eat, along with fresh berries. Domesticated Éan Dóiteáin are often fed a mix of dried berries and flower seeds.

  • Communication: Chirps and melodic songs are most often used, as well as body language using their head and tail for reference. Though, if a matured Éan Dóiteáin finds you undesirable, they may just blast you with fire from their wings.

  • Technology level: Primitive, wild Éan Dóiteáin are able to make small tools from sticks and branches to better reach food they can’t get to with their beak or claws.

  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A

  • General behavior: Éan Dóiteáin in the wild tend to live in medium to large sized groups called chimes. A chime of Éan Dóiteáin can consist anywhere from 15-25 members. They mate in pairs for life, and will breed once a year in the spring. Breedings typically result in only one egg per pair, but a pair having two eggs is not unheard of. Couples take turns incubating their egg for about a month.

Once the egg is hatched, the baby Éan Dóiteáin is prone to the elements, as they are hatched blind and featherless. In preparation for their hatchling, the parents will pluck old feathers from their wings to place in the nest for added warmth. The nestling will take about a week and a half to two weeks to be fully feathered and open their eyes.


The nestlings take up to a month before taking their first flight, and then spend the next year of their life with their parents. During this time, they learn to hunt, defend themselves with their talons, as well as their flames, and form bonds within their chime. After this year, they either stay with their chime, or fly off to either find or create a new one, often accompanied by other young Éan Dóiteáin.


In their twilight years, an Éan Dóiteáin’s feathers will dull in color. Their movements become slower, and their pyromancy weaker. In their final days, they will spend time with their chime, before flying away to a barren mountain, called Sliabh na Fuinseige by the Anam. It in on this mountain that elderly Éan Dóiteáin spend their last day, or final hours. It is unknown why they instinctively fly here to die, however.



The Éan Dóiteáin are as old as the Anam themselves, evolving alongside them, seemingly complimentary. They have lived alongside the Anam since their beginnings, and are considered sacred due to their ability to create fire with a flap of their wings. Coexisting peacefully, the Éan Dóiteáin prospered until the cataclysm brought upon Domhanda by select members of the Anam’s priesthood. It is even said an Éan Dóiteáin’s life was used in the dark ritual.


In their escape from the planet, the Anam rescued many Éan Dóiteáin from the dying world, and brought them to Vanquo along with other domesticated species. On Vanquo, the Éan Dóiteáin helped the Anam hunt and gradually adjust to their new home, slowly prospering on such a similar planet to Domhanda. Many would wander off, and form chimes in the wild forests, away from the Anam, eventually evolving into a more feral cousin.


Those Éan Dóiteáin that were kept with the Anam, returned with them to Domhanda after tragedy struck within the priesthood. Since the return, the Éan Dóiteáin have continued their coexistence with the Anam, and slowly began to repopulate the planet over the thousands of years they’ve been back. Now, one can’t walk into a forest without hearing the songs of an Éan Dóiteáin chime.


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