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Demon's Dragon Skin

- - - - - Demons Skin Dragons Skin Ignis Monster

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Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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Want to see his heart?





  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Extreme - 135 kgs
  • Resistances
    • Blasters: Very High
    • Kinetic: High
    • Lightsabers: Average
    • EMP/Ion: High
    • Heat/High Temperatures: Extreme
    • Cold/Low Temperatures: Low
    • Acid: Very Low


  • Cybernetic Body.
  • Literal Skin Layer.
  • Armor integrated into the body. 


  • Cybernetic Warrior: Implants galore. Increasing durability of the skin, and organs. Nerve packages increasing reaction times, or to allow connections to various ship, vehicle, or droid systems. Secondary too this, are muscular implants, and even parts bone structure that has been replaced to support increased stress upon the body.
  • You'd Never Know: Due to the usage of various coatings of stealth based technology such as Nightshadow, Reflec, and even Stygian polymers to make any electrical based system not show up on radar, or even with the capability to muffle sounds to be as silent as the wind. Even more so, Taozin hide has been processed into a leather that will prevent Force Sensitive individuals from sensing the presence of the wearer.
  • No, no, no. Not in my House: Due to the nature of Reinforced duraplast, as well as the Stygian Polymers, and even a Faraday cage, Using Ion based, electrical based, or even EMP stylized weapons will do little to nothing in shutting down the systems in the Body, armor hybrid. Should there even have a chance of this taking effect, there is a protective barrier in the head to prevent this damage from reaching the brain, and causing Ignis to go into a catatonic state. 


  • You Missed One: One of the few sensors that can still pick up Ignis, is Nightvision. Due to the usage of Reflec, which actively warps light around the wearer. Should someone take a peek at Ignis with these, then it would cause Ignis to make light bend, shape and even refract off of him. Making it very obvious that something is going on. While Lowlight imaging can also do the same, it would still be fairly difficult. Considering these are few of the more "standard" applications of a HUD feature, Its prevalent enough to warrant the thought. 
  • You aren't Invisible: Even with all of the technology applied to the armor, Ignis cannot become invisible to the naked eye with any of the applications applied. Thusly, one could still physically see him, be picked up on some scanners specifically meant to get past stealth technologies, or even if the wearer is loud enough, the Shadowsilk can't dampen explosions, gunshots, or even talking above anything more than a whisper. 
  • I'm Melting, and Colder than you Soul: The two biggest weaknesses to Ignis in this new form, are acids, and extreme colds. While Ignis can alleviate some of the colder temperatures due to shaping, as well as the many processes of electronics creating heat, it cannot stand up to extreme temperatures. Void of space, Cold temperatures for long periods of time, or even constant contact with Ostrine. The same could be said of acids. While his skin, and body are more resilient to damage, the only difference between now and then, is the acids will take just a little bit more time than your average human skin condition. 
  • I need to breathe: While there is artificial lungs and even a Gill addition within the lungs to accept and filtrate oxygen out of water, Ignis still needs to be able to breath. The Void of space is impossible without an oxygen tank provided after the fact, and even if the gills can be used under water, sediments can collect within the lungs and make it more difficult to breathe. 
  • Constant Pain: Due to the nature of so many cybernetics, parts of his body being replaced, and even Armor components added in, A healthy body was needed at all times. Thusly, two different regeneration systems were added into the list. Aiding in the supernatural production of cells, and thus can supercharge the healing process. However, this means that Ignis can still feel pain. Even more so, that when the body heals, specifically at a rapid pace where scratches, bruises and smaller superficial wounds can heal within seconds, It causes extreme amounts of pain. Even more so, While wounds could be life threatening such as being stabbed in the chest, If the obstruction is removed, a fatal wound could heal within a mater of days, this constant pain, as well as the rapid healing process can and very likely cause the host to pass out of fatigue. The body shuts down all other systems into a "sleep" state so that the body can focus its energy into healing. This is even bigger of a problem, when in the middle of a battle, or when losing a fight, and thus allowing an enemy to simply finish the job. 

For the longest time, Ignis has had tattoos, piercings, and so forth as a way for the young man to "Share his Story." Each tattoo meant something to him. Each had a story to be told. For the longest time, Ignis went without doing any of that. Why? Because sometimes, it was best to spend credits on things that were more important. 


Like the birth of your unborn daughter. 


Ignis and Sahna Te had formed a pact. Specifically one of marriage. Ignis claiming the title of Heir to the Imura Family, was set before him. However, to complete this, He had to kill his Uncle Nickolas Imura. Once he had done so, the young man moved into the Family with Sahna to become his wife. It was only months later that she brought forth the news of being pregnant with their child. 


The communion of a Togruta and a Human was not something you saw ever day. Nor would it be favorable for the child. The two species were very different from one another in many ways. Even from the beginning, they knew complications would arise from this. However, because of complications of the birth, Either the child, or Sahna would be lost. They had to make a choice. Save one or the other. 


Against Ignis's wishes, Sahna went to term. Wanting to give Ignis anything that could resemble a normal life. Yet, fate changed the course and cut two strings that day. Both Sahna and the unnamed child perished due to the complications. 


The descent into madness from guilt, sorrow, despair, and mourning was too much for Ignis. He blamed everyone and everything. He blamed the force. He blamed the Galaxy for losing the love of his life and any chance he had of his own family. Within this rage, he spent years fragmenting his mind, and augmenting his body to become a pure killing machine. Anything that once resembled the man who stood before, was no gone. 


The stories written upon his skin were ripped of him. Any sense of pride for what he had done was taken, and tossed aside for metal enhancements and weaponry. This became of him. 


A husk of his former self. 


Taking the new body out for a test drive, he locked the entirety of his Imura Family, and the Fire Clan upon Kro Var, and slaughtered them all. Even bringing down the mountain that had once been their home. Tumbling down to bury the past. Destroy it so that he could bring revenge upon those who wronged him. 


Now, he sets his sights to the rest of the galaxy. 

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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