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The Eclipse Religion - Servants of the Dark

- - - - - Religion The Dark Eclipse Servants of the Dark

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The Faction is heavily influenced by a Canon religion called "Sorcerers of Rhand." A group of people who didn't believe in the Light side, Dark side, or even of the "Force" at all. They believed it to be instead called "The Dark" or an ideology that through the creation of Death, and Destruction, that the one Truth will be revealed. Which is the Void of the force. Their beliefs are of this natural decay of the universe is the one constant that will ever exist. Considered the "Will of the Universe." Verifying it by the pure idea that for every action we take is inconsequential to the grand scheme of the universe, unless it brings Death, Destruction, and Entropy. Death is a constant. It happens to everyone and everything. Therefore, it is the only truth. 
As all will be taught, that the larger motive of all actions brought forth will be Death and Destruction. Should those be the driving force, with all other motives coming second, then whoever sets forth, shall more easily achieve their goals. It was stated by one of the more well known Sorcerers of Rhand, Shadowspawn, that the reason Darth Sidious was so successful, was for the pure fact alone that he wanted to destroy both the Republic, as well as the Jedi Order. However, when his focus shifted to the creation of this Galactic Empire, and consolidating his tyranny over billions of people, it when his power and focus waned. 
However, that is not all this faction is about. As "Servants of the Dark" we deviate from these tenets ever so slightly. To only cause death and destruction, will not bring about people to the truth. It will only send them further away. Making them fear death, and fearing the consequences of their actions. In order for things, and people to be destroyed, one must Create, Fortify, and Improve upon. Creation of a Goal, Creation of a Faction, and even Creation of weapons, Allies, or otherwise, will only bring us closer to our goal. So long as bringing Death to those who deserve, or to those who deny the truth, then we will be along the straight and narrow. 
This Religion is called "The Eclipse"
Join me in becoming a Servant of the Dark. Join me in the Religion of the Eclipse.  



Is this based around the force? 

Not exactly. Moreso, the religion is based around the idea that the force is meaningless, and therefore not needed. While we do accept Force sensitive individuals, its not the important part of the Religion. By extension of this, we accept anyone willing to follow. Force sensitive, Force Dead, Non-Force User, Droids, whatever. 


Who can Join?

Anyone can join! Jedi, Sith, or inbetween. While we tend to be more Dark sided in nature due to the whole idea of death, we will allow Jedi or anyone else to join if they so desire. 


Motive of the Faction?

Currently, we are just a Cult that will be acting as opposition to other Factions if they would like us too. Otherwise, we are all about spreading our religion to others. This can be a simple thread where we teach others to accept the One Truth, or Skirmish threads in which we fight other factions. Yes, we are willing to join Dominions as PC opposition. 


If you have any questions, my PM box is open, A Discord is available, or you are more than able to ask questions here. 

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