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Open for Business!

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Chance Bonaventure

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Welcome to the Smuggler's Alliance.


As Free Traders, we're in a unique position to pool resources and assist each other in the minefield that is smuggling. Tips, intel, rumors, job offers, upgraded patrol sectors, everything can help another smuggler to best avoid entanglements with the law. And even though some smugglers only care about number one, the truth of the matter is that there's more than enough work to go around. And if we can make our lives - and jobs - a little bit easier by sharing a network? Sounds like a good deal to me.


This alliance is a low-key operation. We don't parade it around, we use it when it's helpful, but otherwise we just keep doing our own thing. Think of it like a group holo - you check in when you need to, share some info, come back another day. In fact, it's so easy a bantha could do it. Another great perk is the opportunity to be involved in bigger jobs, with bigger takes, so playing nice and keeping the alliance secure is in everyone's best interest.


Just a few key points to raise, though:

  • If you're in the alliance, you're loyal to it. Betrayals aren't something we need to deal with, we have enough of those on the daily.
  • Give and take. If we all share, no matter how big or small, everyone wins.
  • No judgements. Everyone is entitled to do their jobs, we don't judge, smuggling has a low bar and we don't need people getting self-righteous.
  • Misinformation hurts everyone. There's enough work to go around, so sabotaging other members for your benefit is a kark move.
  • Members only. Everything heard, said or scanned in the alliance network stays here, so don't give out information to anyone except ourselves.
  • Listen to leadership. Our leadership is based around rep and status, so those in charge have been doing this a while, listen to them.

If you can work within those simple parameters, you're good to join us. If not, don't let the landing strut hit you on the way out of the hangar.


So, without further pomp and ceremony:


Welcome to the Smuggler's Alliance, Free Trader.