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Clan Naudir

Naudir History Space Vikings Mandalorians Krieg

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  Intent: To flesh out the history of clan naudir and the government of krieg
  Image Credit: Me : D
  Canon: N\A
  ​Links: Clan naudir page: ME clan almanac | Krieg | Theme |





Organization Name: Clan Naudir, sometimes referred to House naudir.

Classification: Clan\Royal House

Affiliation: Vhei Naudir | Falken Naudir

Organization Symbol: Clan sigil: A black octagon with a white mythosaur skull, flanked by the naudir rune. other symbols include the Rune Naudir in yellow or white, and sometimes a golden mythosaur skull on a black background.


Description: A mandalorian clan with history as far back as the galactic civil war, many times displaced. They have found a new home on the world of krieg, which they have claimed for their own.

The clan's mandalorian heritage and history has left them with a well developed sense of military discipline, unique melee fighting styles, and a healthy appreciation for jumptroopers.






  Headquarters: Iyatr'Keldab, The steel fortress on Krieg

Domain: Northern half of Krieg | The naudir colonized the island rings of krieg nearly 10 years ago, with the help of the native Shi'lai culture. They opened up interplanetary travel for the first time since the galactic civil war, and have brought protection to most of the native populace, who have joined them. the naudir are seen by many as the undisputed rulers of the the planet as the shi'lai leader has been adopted into the clan, uniting both peoples under one banner, however some tribes on the planet prefer to keep to themselves, retreating into the deserts of krieg. most who live in naudir territory agree that they are well provided for, and treated fairly. Thanks to the naudir's care taking of the local populace, few on krieg would question their motives nor decisions.

Notable Assets: Various mines on krieg, The majority of Krieg's military forces, ect.




Hierarchy: Clan naudir follows a mandalorian\monarchy system, where the Alor of the clan is the undisputed ruler of krieg and of the clan, making the important decisions with the aid of their council, below that are the leaders of allied "Vassal clans"[clans that have settled on krieg with the understanding that the naudir are in charge.], and the military ranks below that:


ram'ika alor[Raid leader, a general more or less, in charge of a brigade consisting of a thousand or more mando'ad. some ram'ika alor are clan leaders, and are always expected to handle battlefield strategy and tactics.]


alor'ad[A captain in charge of keeping soldiers in line and leading them on the front line, usually a company of 100 or more.]


ruus'alor[A sergeant in charge of a platoon of 45 or more mando'ad]


alor'uus[A corporal, in charge of individual squadrons of 5-14 mando'ad]


verd'ika[A private, with the simply task of following orders and killing his enemies]


evaar'la[Literally meaning "New" in mando'a, the evaar'la is a new recruit, usually assigned a "kyrbej vod" or "battle brother" to train with and follow during both training, and live combat, as the final test for an evaar'la is to fight in an active battlefield


Membership: Becoming a member of the clan is as simple getting permission from a member of the family. marrying into the family however, requires permission from the clan alor, which is another game entirely.

Climate: Clan naudir is a tight knit family as much as a governmental and military arm. They place the welfare of the family above all else, and their military forces place the protection of krieg above everything else.

Reputation: The Naudir aren't well known outside of krieg, the odd mention of the naudir fleet or their raids against slaver vessels might have gotten out, but that's about it, what little is known is that the clan is ancient, and fought on krownest and mandalore itself during the galactic civil war.

On krieg however, their history is well recorded and they are well known, they have a reputation for being stalwart defenders and fair rulers.

Curios: N\A

Rules: Clan naudir follows the resol'nare. Clan naudir is known to send the alor's children out into the galaxy to prove themselves before they may return and claim the position of clan alor. The extent to which one must prove themselves, varies from alor to alor.

Goals: To ensure the safety and prosperity of krieg, and the clan.


Clan Almanac page

The first mentions of clan naudir come from the galactic civil war, when clan wren and house vizsla lead the mandalorian rebellions against the galactic empire, though it is likely that they had existed before then. Two members of clan naudir fought on mandalore in the effort to rescue Alrich Wren, and continued to fight in several skirmishes between the rebel alliance and the empire. They pledged loyalty to house vizsla when Bo-katan kryze Received the darksaber, and continued to fight for house vizsla for the remainder of the war.


Clan naudir returns to krownest and establishes itself as a mercenary company in 5 ABY. They are recorded carrying out bounty hunter and mercenary contracts throughout mandalorian space for many years as a professional mercenary company, until disappearing into obscurity in 34 ABY, as the clan become isolationist during the rise of the first order.


Much of the clan's later history is destroyed or forgotten in the wake of the gulag plague of 426 ABY. After a short recovery, clan naudir formed a nomadic starfleet, and disappeared in the outer rim, emerging above worlds only to resupply. The fleet continued it's nomadic ways until the re-discovery of Krieg as early as 836 ABY, and made several scouting attempts of the barren world until the first colonization attempts began in 846 ABY.


The Steel Fortress' construction on krieg is delayed by the arrival of a gamorrean horde, the combined forces of the native shi'lai tribes and naudir clansmen fend off the horde.


Construction of the fortress is completed in 848 ABY, and The shi'lai chiss known as "Koth" Marries The alor's adopted daughter, "Ha'ki White eye", becoming part of the clan and uniting the naudir with the shi'lai people.


Clan naudir remained a silent isolationist faction until very recently, when they opened their borders to outsiders, under the planetary military's supervision.



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