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The Galactic Corporate Confederation

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Who Are We?: To put it simply, the GCC is a confederation of corporations, wealthy aristocrats, and the landed elite of the galaxy with the purpose of mutual protection and profit. Together members enjoy a myriad of benefits such as protection against outside threats by GCC owned fleets, ground troops, and occasional mercenary company, percentage discounts on both other members' wares and hiring bounty hunters from the Bounty Hunter's League, and access to some of the most elite clubs in the galaxy such as the Corusca Lady.


The Mission: The mission of the GCC is to add a new alternative to many of the other factions in the galaxy (as I'm sure you've guessed because that's what every faction wants) but hopefully in a new and refreshing way. We do plan on going major at some point in the near future should we get enough interest. Yet we plan to be entirely roleplay focused. No one will join the GCC, Rise in the Ranks, Or gain any sort of position without roleplaying to get that position. We also hope to add a fresh new take to dominions and other traditional roles of major faction. Rather than the normal invasion of a new hex to gain the planets, we may do something such as covert action to overthrow the government, barter a deal to literally buy the planets within the hex (and flex on all them haters) or colonize some new worlds which will be subbed by a crack team of lore enthusiasts who will develop new and unique worlds for us to explore. 


Roleplay wise, the faction will not have a centralized government, rather being the dominant force in an Anarcho-Capitalist society where all jobs, wares, and even money is supplied by the GCC and its membership companies. 


Joining and Membership: The GCC is currently invite only, and this is to foster our goal of trying to be super oriented around roleplay. In order to join you'll need to contact me either through this thread or PM and I'll set up your character with Myra or one of the other founders to have an 'invitation' thread where we will contact your character to formally invite them to the GCC. Upon joining you will start off at one of the three available ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold) which all have different roleplay benefits and will form the hierarchy of the GCC. Obviously not everyone should be able to afford the Gold rank, so we are putting a lot of trust in our membership to be able to effectively roleplay their own wealth as well as the progression of said wealth. The ranks of membership are as follows:

(I'm going with the assumption that 1 credit is roughly the same as 1 USD)



Corusca membership is for the founders and any future admins/moderators we get for the faction. This is effectively the upper management of the faction who oversee all of the assets of the GCC. 



Gold membership is the highest attainable rank when you join the GCC if you aren't part of the administration. In order to become gold one must pay an admission fee of 3,000,000 credits and a monthly fee of 500,000 credits. Members enjoy a 20% discount on all wares sold by any and all other members of the GCC, access to the VIP rooms in clubs, and GCC assets are to respond to gold members over other members in time of distress. 



Silver membership is the middle ground for anyone who joins the GCC. The admission fee is 1,500,000 credits and a monthly fee of 250,000.  Silver members enjoy a 10% discount on other wares, access to clubs and GCC assets will respond to silver members faster than bronze.



Bronze membership is the lowest title, but still brings with it benefits. Members pay a 500,000 admission fee, and a 10,000 monthly fee. But only garnering a 5% discount on all wares and a slow asset response time, this rank isn't particularly wanted, although it does still grant access to clubs. 


I am very aware that a lot of the benefits of these ranks aren't particularly usable. Credits are imaginary, as is the percentage on wares. I'm hoping to work with members and the administration to be able to set up some more beneficial benefits.


Also I would like to thank the wonderful Chance Bonaventure for the faction artwork.





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