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Xander Carrick Priest

Xander Titan Carrick Priest Mandalorian

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  • Full name: Xander Carrick Priest
  • Preferred Name: Xander Carrick
  • Alias: 
    • Titan
    • Tempest
  • Titles: 
    • Patriarch of House Carrick
    • Sabermaster of the Silver Jedi Order (Formerly)
    • Hammer Titan of Mandalore
    • Alor of Clan Priest
  • Species: Near Human
  • Race: Human/Arkanian Offshoot
  • Homeworld: Arkania
  • Faction(s): 
    • Mandalorians
    • The Silver Jedi Order
    • Confederacy of Independent Systems
    • Corelian Confederation
  • Rank(s): 
    • ​Jedi Master
    • Hammer Titan
    • Alor of Clan Priest
  • Class: 
    • ​Bladesman/Swordsman
    • Hammer Paladin
  • Mentor(s): N/A
  • Students(s): N/A
  • Force Sensitive: Yes, 
  • Force Alignment: True Neutral


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 57 GSY
  • Height: 6 Foot 7 inches
  • Weight: 182 pounds
  • Complexion: ​Caucasian
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Salt and Pepper
  • Distinguishing Marks: Salt and pepper beard/hair. Older age. Various old wounds. 
  • Voice Sample: Jeremy Irons
  • Appearance description: Xander stands well over the average height of most beings of the universe. Stout and built to be massive in stature. Being that he was once a hammer wielding Mandalorian who allied himself with the various Jedi factions. Namely the Silver Jedi who were hosted upon the planet of Voss. Now with his older age, its slowly catching up to him. Grey hairs, and crow's feet around his eyes. Its clear this man is past his prime, but still willing to throw down. 


  • Marital Status: Married to Maya Carrick,
  • Sexual Conduct: Hetrosexual, 
  • Languages: Galactic Basic, Mando'a, Arkanian, Zeltroz, Twi'lek, 
  • Occupation: Retired... until recently. 
  • Residence: -



  • Sabermaster: ​Having years of training with all of the various Lightsaber forms, Not limited to single bladed combat, Xander is what you might call, a saber duelist. Namely due to his extensive studies in the art of combat. One must train and prepare for everything when they wish to defend their home, and their loved ones. 
  • Hammer Titan: While the hammer he once used has been damaged beyond repair, one of the notable weapons this man carried with him, was a short handled hammer. While it has yet been replaced by anything notable, Xander still can swing with all the might in the world. 
  • I am the Storm: A Master practitioner of Telekinesis, as well as Alter environment has gifted Xander with the ability to literally become the storm upon the battlefield. There are likely few who could match in Telekeinesis. 


  • Aging Warrior: As with all things, people age. They grow old and weaken. While even well into his 40's Xander fought with everything he had, now in retirement, and age catching up to him, Xander is not the prime man he once was. Some actions are taken slower, and he may not be up to par with the young ones. 
  • Left Knee: Due to various injuries, Xander has a bad knee. The cartilage that had once been there, is slowly fading and scraping away. Its quite the weak point. 
  • ​Steward White Knight: Much like many gentlemen, it's rather difficult for Xander to bring himself to harm women. While he has done it, he has fought them in the past, he tries his best to not put himself into situations where he would have to. 
  • Pepperidge Remembers: As an old man, there is quite a lot in Xander's past that he wishes continued to this day. However, that is no where near possible. He thinks upon the "good ol days" where people acted a specific way. Where wars were won upon the men and women who fought through strife and accepted any challenge that came their way. Bettering themselves. However, it seems some have strayed from that path. 


Years it has been. 


I enjoyed my life. Living out upon Felucia with my wife, while my Son, and Daughter were roaming the galaxy. It was with so many of these wars, that people continued to fight over. Maya and I both knew that they would continue. For me, it started with waking up within a ship. A simple droid was my close companion for years. Teaching me what it knew of the Jedi of old. We had been discovered by some Imperial Knights. Taken in, trained in the use of the force as a tool, I sought out the Jedi. Seeking and searching for those that protected the galaxy from those who sought to bring it down to it's knees. 


However, I found myself not being of the same mind. The Jedi bombarding one another. Killing each other over what were the right ideals. It was by sheer dumb luck that I interacted with a lone Jedi who sought out the Silver Jedi Order. A rising place in which those who wished to learn anything of the Jedi could come in peace. It was here that I found my home, my life, and my family. Working with them for years. Growing from a Padawan, to a full fledged Master of the force. It was in these years, I found Maya Whitelight. While at first she was just a student, I had found myself involving my life further more with her. Intertwining with one another. 


Eventually, we tied the knot. Marrying one another. Having children. Even in the midst of war. However, we one day, passed the torch to our twins. Zephyr, and Freyia. They two have now roamed the galaxy with great success. However, I hear stories of those who wish to further the war. I hear of those who push their own agendas over that of a simple group of people, wishing to better themselves and their people. The Civil wars of the Mandalorians, The collusion of his people with a sworn enemy, and the growing need for someone to stand. 


I decided, it was best to come out of retirement. 

Edited by Xander Carrick, 02 July 2019 - 05:54 PM.

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Maya Carrick

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Xander Carrick wow you look old love. Now to work on that family reunion of our kids.


Lets get this story on the way.