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The Faith of Inarai

Garza Religion Inarai

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  • Intent: Create a group of people that can act as voices, or NPC characters 
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  • Religion Name: Ryujinsium (Religion), The Faith of Inarai (Religion), Ryuthiest (Singular Member).
  • Religion Type: Polytheist
  • Influence: Minor
  • Symbol: Typically the symbol is just the image or representation of Garza. The more older depictions of Garza can be seen with a Red Sun behind his head, or in depictions of fights with other larger beasts across the galaxy. It is unknown if there were texts on other planets, or if they were restricted to just planets that had a larger influence of the older Sith Culture. Namely dating back to just before the Hundred Year Darkness
  • Description: A religion based solely on the creatures that fought one another long ago, and have thus became "voices" of these creatures.  


  • Founder: It is unknown who gave the name of the religion, however, it is assumed that many members of species who do worship Inarai, is assumed to be taking upon by multiple people who imposed that a singular being was their deity.
  • Membership: Simply believing in the religion, and stating that you worship Inarai is typically enough. For the more Radical members of the Faith, they perform such rites that would have the member drink "of the blood of Inarai" where in they would now have the being's blood within them, and are a Child of Inarai. While it is unsure if this blood really is from the Deity, they still practice this for those who are much closer to the actual being themselves. 
  • Sacred
    • Garza/Inarai - Their deity, Inarai is the being for which a group of people believed that their previous religion, was manifested as. It is unknown from which religion it has stemmed from. Depicted as a behemoth of a beast, Inarai as he is better known for, has various titles attached to him. The most notable being, "Stirrer of the Abyss," "Lord of the Seas," "God of Storms," "Stormbringer," and the most notable name for those who are not of the religion, "Garza." Many of the depictions of this creature show massive battles with creatures on land, and in the seas. Specifically ones with creatures known as Dagon, and their cousins, the Gragon. As well as other creatures that are even more mysterious creatures such as Beselos, and Vragar.
    • Dagon/Gragon: Dagon and Gragon are beings depicted as being large creatures that fought against Inarai long ago. It is unsure how long ago these accounts, and even if they were true. However, it does show what are typically known as Leviathans, and Sea Leviathans facing off against Garza. 
    • Beselos: A creature known now as a Battle Hydra, the Beselos is depicted in a multitude of ways. Some only show two heads, others show three. Yet, in all of those cases they are named the exact same. It is assumed that there might be different versions of these creatures that Inarai had faced in the past, but were named the same due to miscommunication, or were for purposes of being related to one another. 
    • Vragar: Arkanian Dragons have also been depicted in a tussle with Garza. While it is unsure how these creatures could have come into contact with Garza due to their very low number count, as well as their living situation, it does show Garza standing upon a mountain fighting the creature. As for how accurate this is, nobody truly knows. 
    • Texts/Murals: Most of the information gathered is done as Cave Paintings, in very short texts, or otherwise done as a stone mural in which brick and stone were in-lade and shaped to tell the specific story of these titans. At the current time, it is unknown if there is a specific book, or sacred text in which provides all, or a majority of the information. 
  • Dogma:
    • Inarai is not the only "divine being" under the religion. Even if it is named after him. Namely due to this being the only god depicted in a majority of all of their texts, or shown in their murals. However, it is clear, Inarai is the "King of the Gods" or at the very least, one of the beings who are worshiped the most. It is thought that Inarai is the being that brings forth Storms, but also brings a soothing breeze. A Divine being of the weather, as well as the being able to travel on ground, and on the seas. Most often being depicted as after a battle, fading into a body of water. 
    • Dagon: Dagon may be thought of as either the child of Inarai, or is a relative of some other significance. As they are shown to battle the least amount, or even battling side by side against a common foe. It is assume to be at least Two Dagon that they worship. A male counterpart that is a Green color, while another is a Red Color. Both are of the Land, and are considered the Gods of the Forests, and of Fire. With the Green Leviathan shown with plants growing from its body, while the Red is shown spewing fire, and is considered the God of Land, Volcanoes, or Chaos. 
    • Gragon: Another one of the beings that is believed to be the third piece of the puzzle for the Dagon. Namely, being the Sea counterpart, or the one that was born of the Sea. Namely shown having a couple tussles with Inarai, and no one else. Unlike Dagon, Gragon has never been shown to be siding with Inarai. Thought to be a Divine Water goddess, or as the "Lady of the Abyss." As it is depicted many times when fighting with Inarai, to be in black water, instead of blue water. Being either in the deepest depth of oceans, or of a "Void." 
    • Beselos: Shown as the King of the Stars. Flying high above that of any being, and spewing different colored beams of light from its mouth. While unsure if this is Lightning, Force energy, or otherwise, many times, it can be shown fighting upon the ground with Inarai, or in the air against his counterpart Vragar. 
    • Vragar: Shown spewing fire from its maw, but also of flight. One other depiction shows that Vragar is the "Emissary of the Sun." Being able to swallow the sun. Making the planet become dark. However, must then spit up the sun, as it became too hot. Depected multiple times to be in a feud with Beselos, as well as Vragar. 
  • Reputation: The religion is not very well known. Typically only a small number of people actually practice the religion. Namely just the fanatics that people would assume. Those who are truly devoted to the religion are most often dressed in dark blue/green robes, and will even in some cases, get body modifications to look more along the line of a reptilian being. Even while being whatever species they were previously. One of the more notable reasons this religion may be known, is their black market deals. Namely that of selling the scales that have fallen from the beast due to movement, or being taken off during a battle. However, this can be done as a hoax where someone will simply take Akk Dog scales and color them to match that of the beast. However, most recently with Garza being sighted in very few instances in the Galaxy, some of the information about them have been slowly been put under a light. 


  • Garza - Deity
  • Duckie deWinter - Follower

Around the time of the Hundred year Darkness, a lone religion had come to manifest by way of murals and lone instances of texts, or mentioned in tomes. Very little is actually known about how the religion had operated at the beginning. its assumed that they worshiped the creations so claimed by Dark Jedi Syn, and even Karness Muur. However, There was one particular different creature shown to be stronger than the rest. It is unsure if the Religion had fabricated the idea of their god, or if members of this religion had seen this creature, and claimed it a divine being for which they worshiped. It is thought to be as the paradox of the Chicken and the Egg, as some are unsure which came first. 


However, in the years since then, most of the religion has been nearly extinct. With very few followers ever actually being that. Followers. More so just members who held onto myths and stories of creatures long ago that fought during the Hundred year Darkness, and onward. However, it has only recently sprung up due to the sightings of a massive creature that matches the descriptions of these texts and stories. Many members who used to think of these just simply as stories told to children to keep them up at night, have now reconvened. Once more, it is unsure who created this religion. Some assume it was due to the Holonet where just a group of people who seemingly created a forum for which they idolized the creature, then turned into a religion, or if a follower of the faith came forward without giving their identity. 


One thing is certain, there are a couple of these people who have popped up. Joining with the movement of Inarai and his wondering across the galaxy. 

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This is a well thought out religion for a "King of the Monsters" to lead, with his mighty duck, a dutiful follower. No issues to be had.