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Adenn Kyramud New Beskar'gam

- - - - - Adenn Beskar Mandalorian

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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight:  Very Heavy
  • Resistances (For each category choose from: NoneVery LowLowAverageHighVery High, Extreme Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration. We recommend using this spreadsheet tool to maintain general balance, but its use is not mandatory.Increasing weight, lowering production levels, or reducing resistances gives more room to increase resistance ratings elsewhere, typically on a one-for-one tradeoff basis.)

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High

- Kinetic: High

 - Lightsabers: Very High

- Other: Low

- Sonic: Average

- EMP/ION: Average

- Elemental: Very Low

- Explosive: High



  • Battle Computer
  • Wrist Predator Sensor(can be detached and moved onto a weapon)
  • Personal Cloaking Device
  • Personal Energy Shield
  • Dinu’ul(both arms)
  • Audio/Visual Recorder
  • HUD (Heads-up-Display)
  • Thermal & Infrared Imaging
  • Low Light Imaging
  • Night/Darkvision
  • Photochromatic Visor
  • Macrobinocular Viewplate w/Infrared & Multispectral Scanner
  • Magnification Scope
  • Pineal Eye Sensor
  • Encrypted Internal Comlink
  • Broadband Antenna
  • Plumb Line & Spatial Distance Mapping
  • Target Tracker
  • Motion Tracker
  • Helmet Light
  • Mini-Datapad/Holographic Projector & Material Scanner
  • Wrist Weapons
  • void stone
  • Spikes on hand
  • Repulsors- has built in repulsors for speed and agility, along with heavier attacks
  • Magnetic Boots and gloves- can be turned on and off


  • Multi-purpose- Can be used for any and every situation imaginable.
  • Battle Computer- Even though Adenn doesn’t really need it, the battle computer is there to help him coordinate with his forces.
  • Cloak- Adenn’s armor now has a cloaking device, something which he will enjoy using to infiltrate the enemy.
  • Engineering- Adenn has engineering tech with him, just so he can help out any real engineers if need be. The Battle Computer can also help him use his tech to the max.
  • Points- The tusks on the side of the helmet and spike on the back of the hands are very real and very deadly. Can be used to cut or jab someone open.


  • Elemental- Using the elements, such as lighting, against the armor can be very devastating against the armor and its delicate components.
  • Lightning- Due to the vong armor and tech used in the armor, the armor faces the same dilemma the vong did, lightning.
  • Heavy- Without proper training, the armor is too heavy to lift, much less wear. So, one needs to have extra practice just to wear the armor properly.
  • Joints- As with most armor, the joints are more vulnerable than the armor plates. While a vulnerable area, still protected by some layers of protection, just not as much as usual.


After his first suit of beskar’gam was severely damaged, Adenn had his beskar smiths begin on something new. Using the beskar from his old armor, this new armor was created. Using a mix of beskar, mandalorium, vong armor, and krayt dragon scales, this was created.


The armor is multi layered, so that it can be most effective. Beskar is the layer at the very bottom, right before the armorweave. Next comes the mandalorium, after that is the duraplast, then comes the vong armor and krayt dragon scales. The vong armor and dragon scales were combined in a strange mix, creating the unique look to Adenn’s armor.


Lined along the armor are various sharp points, each is deadly and can be used to kill. The tusks on the side of the helmet are taken from a Krayt Dragon that Adenn killed, the spikes on the back of the hand and elsewhere on the armor are also taken from animals Adenn has killed. These points can have poison placed on them to provide an extra killing edge, should Adenn so desire it. Along with this, the spikes on the shoulders can be used as trophy hooks, to show off kills Adenn has made.

Edited by Adenn Kyramud, 14 July 2019 - 08:30 AM.

Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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Adenn Kyramud, Since I already worked on your other armor, I'll go ahead and look at this. 


It looks all balanced, the only thing I have, is the usage of the Predator Sensor. You are not listed as a member of the Sith Empire, and you don't have any links of a purchase. Its currently listed as closed market. So I would like to see either some kind of proof that you are able to use this. While yes, the UCM and TSE are allies, that doesn't mean they share gear. Or, if he would be so kind, If Kor Vexen, approves of this by posting in the thread that you can use it, then I can easily approve it that way. 


Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

    G U N F I G H T E R

  • Factory Judge
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Adenn Kyramud


For prosperity, Adenn had made contact me via DM on discord providing evidence that he had received the A-okay. If Kor does happen to have a problem with this, then his is more than able to rescind the approval. 


Approved. Enjoy the armor.  


Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

    G U N F I G H T E R

  • Factory Judge
    • Character Bio
  • 2,304 posts