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Tzela Gayita

- - - - - Tomahawks Bluestone

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  • Manufacturer: Prowler

  • Affiliation: Prowler

  • Model: N/A

  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique (x2)

  • Material: Bluestone and Phrik reinforcements


  • Classification: Throwing hatchet

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Average


  • Bluestone Witchcraft: The while holding or having the hatchets on Prowlers person, his mind cannot be affected by the force. The bluestone itself within the axes rejects the call of the force and resists direct manipulation. Physically the bluestone axes are durable and can resist that strike of a lightsaber. When two shards or pieces of bluestone are struck together physically the sounds out a great disturbance in the force... as if a planet wanted to tear itself apart. Enough to be bring psychic or mental pains for those sensitive to the force.

  • Stonepower: The axes can be telekinetically controlled using stonepower instead of the force. Likewise anyone skilled in stonepower can assume telekinetic control of these axes.


  • Force rejection: Protects Prowlers mind as long as the axe is being held or on Prowlers person. The axe naturally resists the influence of the force acting apon it and when both axes strike one another a great disturbance ripples through the force, which is enough to cause psychic or mental pains.

  • Sharpened: The axe heads though thickly constructed, are rather sharp.
  • Stonepowa: Can be controlled Telekinetically using Stonepower
  • Lightsaber proof: Resistant to lightsaber strikes and clashes.



  • Annoying Beacon: Prowler is not immune to the psychic/mental pains that are emitted when the two axe heads clash together. The disturbance in the force likewise effects all those who are Force sensitive enemy or ally. There is no difference. Such disturbances when "sounded" also act as beacons for other force sensitive to follow or track to the source.

  • Dulled: Thought sharpened the axe heads are nothing too special. No alchemy or force imbuement to forever keep the blades sharp. They will dull over time like normal regular axes do.

  • Stonepower!: Using stone power anyone can take telekinetic control of the axes. Anyone. The axes are not bound to Prowler by any means through the use of Blue rocks.


Twin axes. Simple and deceitful in design. Bluestone and phrik reinforcements is all that makes up these two throwing axes. Its enough, trust me. Its not about how hard you throw it, its about how far you see it going and how many spines it will break on the way. 


Clack, clack, clack... CLACK. Thats the sound of something terrible approaching as two solids of blue hue make contact harshly against one another. A simple sound to the physical ear but intrinsically wrong within the vastness of the Force. Disturbing nature itself like a gong being slammed over and over again. So too come the mild mental aches and pains to the mind like waves. Soon you see him and in hand is not one but two axes with blue heads. You think you safe. From this distance not even a simple throw could make that weapon touch you. 


*Whoossshh!* Off the go flying at preternatural speeds. A skilled throw you think and then the axes curve mid throw into an angle that causes you to rethink your position. You hand extends to slow them down but the force itself is met with a cold shoulder. *Thump. thump* 


You can only run now. 


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