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Self-Recharging Power Cells

- - - - - BlasTech Industries

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Intent: A Fluff Submission

Image Source: Not Applicable

Canon Link: Power Cell | DC-15s Side Arm Blaster

Primary Source: BTI-EOU Power Cell



Manufacturer: BlasTech Industries | Tricks of the Trade

Affiliation: Open-Market

Model: SR-Series

Modularity: Yes

  • Various Models made for many Energy Weapons

Production: Minor



  • Self-Recharge: The SR-Series Power Cell is designed to replace the need to carry dozens of reloads worth of Power Cells. When in combat, it is not unheard of for a soldier to expend thousands of bolts requiring them to carry far too many ammunition pouches. To combat this, the SR-Series simply recharges itself when some or all of its energy is expended. The product line includes compatible models for most Hand-Held Firearms and weapons not designed to draw power off a reactor or generator.


  • Self-Recharge: The Power-Cell recharges over time when not being actively fired. Usually the recharge process takes a little bit longer to recharge from empty than it would to reload the weapon system in question, but not much. It will also recharge partially empty cells after several moments of non-use.
  • One For Every Model: BlasTech was careful to make sure their models were supplied first, but sells SR-Series cells to fit other manufacturer’s weapons at a premium. 


  • Longer: It takes a little bit longer for the Cell to recharge itself than it would to simply slap a new Power cell into place. This is an unfortunate problem across every specific model of cell for any particular weapon system. While some weapons are still quite quick, it is a noticeable increase in “reload” time.


BlasTech Industries, the King of Blasters, strikes again.


This time, striking out at Power Cell costs and replacements, ammunition storages. For centuries people have had to carry dozens, if not more, power cells into battle in order to remain effective throughout prolonged engagements. During the Clone Wars, BlasTech innovated the DC-15s Side Arm, but its cost did not permit its use in the wider market and so it was primarily the weapon of choice for the Clone Commandos, the Grand Army of the Republic’s special forces division.


Again, during the Imperial Era and Galactic Civil War, BlasTech attempted another weapon with a rechargeable cell built to work in combat with the Bryar Rifle which also featured a charge up system to increase the potential stopping power of the weapon at the cost of readily available ammunition.


Later, after the Gulag Plague, BlasTech tried again with the Plug N Fire style Power Cell which was designed for the purpose of unifying the type of Power Cell used by BlasTech’s many blasters into a single model that could be loaded in any of their weaponry. Unfortunately, the trend never seemed to catch on. Following the Great Galactic War of the Post-Gulag Era, BlasTech tries again, with a new line of Self-Recharging Power Cells using a Self-sustaining Isotope-5/Diatium Energy Collector built into the product line which allows it to slowly recharge itself when the weapon it is loaded within is not being fired.


In partnership with Tricks of the Trade.

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