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Shay Coca Flight Coat

- - - - - Armour

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Jay Scott Clark

Jay Scott Clark


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Shay Coca Flight Coat




  • Intent: Anti-Lightsaber Flight Coat
  • Image Source: Photomanip by JSC. Original image Overland.com
  • Canon Link:n/a
  • Primary Source: n/a



  • Classification: Flight Coat
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:

+ Lightsabers: Very High

+ Plasma: Average

+ Kinetic: Average

+ Ionic: Average

+ Acidic: Average

+ Sonic: Average





  • Ballistic Coat: This fashionable synth-wool coat is reinforced with a matrix of specialized cortosis fibers and a thin laminate of composite betaplast. This providing the user with very high combat protection against Lightsaber energy while also offering modern protection against most small arms, abrasive dust, shrapnel debris, and light caustic materials. Awesome!
  • Noise-Canceling Helmet: This electronic helmet is made from molded glasteel and contains a padded headset which, when switched to mode, can largely reduce harmful background noise, loud gunfire, and even hostile sonic emissions. The transparent material is rated to be as strong as steel too. Nice!


  • Armor Piercing Rounds: This stylish armor system is not designed to offer protection against most large-caliber weapons or specialized AP ammunition. Some high-powered rounds fired from ultra-heavy rifles may even over-penetrate their target. Ouch.




Developed at the Advanced Materials Division of the Denon Academy of Science, this dramatic fashion represents a modern investment towards Jedi flight suit technologies. The design was created specifically to accommodate Anti-Sith activity in most hazardous terrestrial environments. Specifically, Lightsaber combat. Other protections Include maintenance against water, micro-meteor exposure, open flame, solar radiation, sonic emissions, and even light chemical abrasion and toxin resistances. The undersuit and overcoat are both crafted with state-of-the-art techniques and synthetic materials to provide better combat durability ratings against a large number of modern battlefield threats and flight simulations.


These outfits are made special for only a handful of unique Jedi Adepts affiliated with the DAS and, as such, less than a handful were ever produced.


Note. These fashions may NOT be returned to any ATC outlet following purchase and delivery, and all repairs must go through the DAS AMD claims division before being serviced. Raw materials will not be provided under any circumstance.


Note. The suit's bodyglove does contain an IEVA space rating and can accommodate most piloting duties.



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Jay Scott Clark

Jay Scott Clark


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  • 10,529 posts

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Gir Quee

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