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Homecoming [Army of Light]

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Savri Sal II

Savri Sal II


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Savri looked around at the battlefleet ammased around the star. So many ships has escaped the brutal subjugation by the other powers of the galaxy. Not enough had been battle ready, however. He had spent years perfecting the fleet. The Dommion was literally no more. The Army of Light had Arisen. Finally a way to bring order and stability to the galaxy. Now they could come home.


Welcome to the First Faction thread of the Army of Light. The Dommion had never died. It just left. Now it is coming home. As the Army of Light. All are welcome to post

Bryn Celli Ddu

Bryn Celli Ddu
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The cyborg was a planted spy within the members of this rebuilding government. Her own government had been one of those to help destroy it originally. Some few had made an escape though and once that had been learned, they had started gathering information. All the pieces had been put together and Bryn had been sent to join them.
She had gained their trust and now found herself on the bridge of the command ship with Savri. This so called Army of Light would fail and she would be the catalyst that helped bring it down.



    Hunter for fun

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Salis was an amoral killer. That was simply the quickest way to describe what she was. She did what she wanted and felt no guilt for it. Even as a child people had...well, ceased to be alive around her. Her parents knew, because she got rid of the people she thought were their enemies, or even vague problems. But nobody could ever prove it. She ended up picked up by the Jen'ari Empire, and from there the young sith skyrocketed in skill, going from untrained, to powerful and skilled enough to stand up to a Sith Lord. She did that after leaving the Jen'Ari, feeling they were no longer providing her any initiative for growth. And from a desire to avoid stagnation, she simply skipped off and became a mercenary.


And now she stood on the bridge in her armor, a paladin mk II blaster rifle slung across her back, her blasters at her sides, her lightsaber at the back of her belt, and the rest of her considerable equipment on her person. She still wore her rebreather mask, though had allowed the rest of the head piece to remain off.


Whatever everyone else may think, Salis was going to be more untrusting of them, then they were of her. She was suspicious by nature, even questioning the actions of people who were supposed to be allies most of the time. Every possible give away to be a threat would set off her concerns and preparations for betrayal.  She waited, patiently, glancing between the others on the bridge, awaiting something to happen.


Savri Sal II Bryn Celli Ddu