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Segroth Biofiber Latticeweave

- - - - - Segroth Dagata

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Visanj T'shkali

Visanj T'shkali
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Intent:   To submit a useful new material for future submissions and role-playing.

Image Source:    N/A

Primary Source:    N/A




Name:    Segroth Biofiber Latticeweave

Manufacturer:    Visanj T’shkali / Segroth Materials Corporation

Affiliation:    Closed-Market

Homeworld (optional): N/A

Production:    Mass-Produced

Modularity:    No

Material:    Cloned Hybrid Plant Material




Classification:    Biofiber Lattice

Weight:    Heavy


- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons):    Low

- Kinetic, Projectiles:    Very High

- Kinetic, Concussion: Very High

- Lightsabers:    None

- Other, Elemental: Average

- Other, Sonic: Very High

- Other, EMP/Ion: Very High

- Other, Acid (And other corrosive substances): Very Low

- Other, Force Abilities: None

Color:    Dark Greenish-Brown



  • Living material is self-healing, able to repair itself from minor injuries almost completely, and to survive through significant injuries, much like a tree that continues to live after being struck by lightning.
  • Recycles ambient heat energy, moisture particles, and carbon dioxide in the surrounding atmosphere to sustain itself, lower humidity, and provide breathable air apart from requiring any power source or special system.
  • Can be mounted as paneling on interior walls with ease.
  • Gives off a pleasant and aromatic scent, freshening the air and masking unpleasant odors.


  • Very high resistance to elemental, sonic, EMP and ion, or kinetic damage, making it a strong material for use inside buildings and ships.
  • Able to convert moisture particles in the air, heat energy, and carbon-dioxide emissions from other living beings to sustain itself, all the while keeping humidity low and purifying and recycling the oxygen supply in a room, corridor, etc.
  • Self-healing, this material is able to heal itself from small levels of damage completely and against significant damage it displays a remarkable ability to continue to survive.
  • Gives off a pleasant and aromatic scent, which is naturally repellant to insects.


  • Vulnerable to disease and decay ; needs to be changed out every several years due to natural lifespan of this material.
  • No defense against Force Abilities or similar threats, as well as lightsabers whatsoever.
  • Very low defense against acids and other corrosive materials and low protection against blasters or similar weapons.
  • Is expensive, due to the cloning process of the hybrid bio-materials used, making it cost-prohibitive for most common ships and buildings.



Segroth scientists worked to create a hybrid plant of sturdy vine-like filaments that could be made to grow over lattice and then removed as stand-alone sheets, able to be mounted on interior starship walls and on the interior of buildings also. The ‘living walls’ take in ambient heat energy, atmospheric moisture, and carbon dioxide emissions from other living beings, recycling and purifying the air, preventing humidity which can be harmful to electronics and other items, and sustaining itself. With a natural lifespan of 8-10 years, the naturally resilient bio-fibers are ‘woven’ (e.g. grown) to form a dense, flat weave making them ideally formed for use as wall paneling. The material emits a subtle, pleasant, and aromatic scent often described as ‘woody’ and being akin to fresh-cut green firewood or blooming aromatic shrubs, and is repellent to insects. When mounted throughout a ship’s interior, it greatly improves air quality and takes much of the burden from air scrubbers and other life support systems, which in turn lowers power demands shipwide.


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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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