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[CONTEST] Ultima - Heaven on High

- - - - - Superweapon DEVASTATION TSE/ORC Contest

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You may accept this fate or defy it, but you cannot deny it "




  • | Intent To submit a devastating superweapon for the TSE/ORC rivalry conflict contest.
  • | Image Source | Source
  • | Canon Link | N/A
  • | Restricted MissionsN/A
  • | Primary Source | Dark Reaper / Shield GatePlanet Prison 










Strengths |

  • | Feed Unto Darkness | The very existence of Ultima is to bring death and destruction to all those unfortunate to become the target of its wrath. The core function of Ultima is to absorb the very Force from everything on a planet, inhabitants and all, converting it into a weapon. Once enough energy has been absorbed from the targeted planet, Ultima can cast a field around the planet much like a one way barrier, converting its atmosphere into a deadly space for any vessel or organic to pass through, thus entrapping any unfortunate souls that might attempt to escape; Ships and such can go through, but none can escape as any attempt to will result in ships colliding with a physical barrier that directs immense physical force back at them; a veritable dead end. Once it reaches full power, Ultima will compress the converted atmosphere down on the planet, bringing the converted Force energies towards the core of the planet until it implodes, destroying the planet.
  • | Pinnacle of the Dark | Usage of Xythan Force Shields make conventional starship weaponry very difficult to use against Ultima, as it can simply absorb the energy and use it to accelerate its charge up speed and reach full power sooner. This paired along with the several layering of shields makes Ultima an extremely resilient target.
  • | God Throws a Stone at It | The graviton projectors equipped to Ultima are capable of bringing together a large amount of planetary debris together (Of the planet it destroys/any other debris in the void) into what can be perceived as a fragmented boulder and ferry it along with it. It can then accelerate this debris through space and either let the gravity of another planet do the rest of the work and rain meteors or let inertia do its thing and throw the debris across space; a hazard for smaller starfighters or larger, unshielded ships.

Weaknesses |

  • | Make Haste | Ultima being an experimental weapons platform has had few cycles of development where certain attributes were looked over in favor of maximizing its devastating potential. It is slow to move into position and orient itself, and has a rather lengthy window of time before it can reach full power. This can give attackers ample time to attempt to neutralize the weapon before it reaches full destructive potential, though it would require a hefty assault in order to breach its defenses.
  • | Belly of the Beast | Despite the hefty defenses that protect Ultima from any approaching ships, Ultima ironically is quite vulnerable from both the inside and from the side facing the planet it is positioned over. It is not to say that the Ultima is completely vulnerable from the underside, it still has a fair amount of shielding and armor plating, but it is considerably less protected to make room for the projection rings. Similar to the Ion Pulse Cannon that was used on The Malevolence during the Clone Wars, there is also a fairly narrow space that is vulnerable that connects the main platform to the projection ring.
  • | Field Disruptors | The shields of Ultima can be breached by vehicles or weapons that utilize Field Disruptors, making the station liable to having its hull barraged by specialized projectile ordinance and/or boarding craft using field disruption tech.




A weapon of inconceivable loss - A great many devices throughout the ages have risen to fulfill such a purpose; to strike fear and horror into the enemies of those who have wielded them. Project Ultima is the latest to join such tools of destruction, built by the Sith Empire for the sole purpose of reminding the Galaxy that though they do not wreak wanton destruction across the stars, they are not to be taken lightly or toyed with. Ultima is the reckoning that comes to those foolish enough to cross paths with the Sith Empire.


Designed and constructed by the brilliant minds across the Sith Empire's vast territory, Ultima has drawn much inspiration from ancient weapons of the past, with a lot of it coming from extensive and hefty research in order to fully grasp and realize its destructive potential. Based off an ancient weapon of the old Sith Empire, Ultima takes after its ancestor the Dark Reaper in order to destroy planets, though rather than directing a devastating laser to destroy planets, it harnesses the gathered energies it has harvested from the target planet before slowly crushing and causing the planet to implode. A slow and painful death and destruction to the planet as well as its inhabitants to send a message.


Ultima is built like a fortress, to ensure that it is capable of defending itself so that it can reach full power and unleash its devastation upon a planet. It is heavily protected both in its construction as well as its array of defenses. With several layers of shielding to protect its hardened and reinforced exterior, nothing short of a fleet of massive proportions would ever hope to breach its defenses in a timely manner without cutting it close. It also houses a number of starfighters to aid in its defenses, as well as armaments to repel both starfighters and capital ships alike with a supplementary detachment of the Sith Empire's elite Legion to defend it from anyone attempting to set foot on the station.


Points of Interest


  • | Cardinal Hangars | Ultima sports four different hangar points, each at the cardinal directions North, East, South, and West of the main platform to allow for rapid deployment of its defensive craft. Each of the hangars are massive and rather roomy to accommodate the craft it holds. It is also where a majority of the Legion stationed on Ultima are typically located.
  • | Command Deck | More of an observation point than anything, the Command Deck is a place to view and revel in Ultima's destruction. Like the command deck of any vessel, it has numerous officers and technicians ensuring that Ultima is functioning perfectly. Responsible for directing the entirety of Ultima's operation.
  • | Control Rooms | Ultima sports several control towers that operate with each other closely to prepare for firing. Of the four, two are responsible for arming/disarming Ultima's activation sequence and require both to either activate or deactivate Ultima while one is used for coordinating squadrons and the final for directing crew and personnel.
  • | Projection Ring | Though there is not much here save for a few dozen technicians to ensure that everything is well oiled and will operate smoothly; these personnel are cycled out regularly. Otherwise it can be very hazardous to individuals who stay long due to the Force energies that Ultima saps from the planet.



" And from the very core to the endless void, the Galaxy shall tremble. Unleash Ultima. "

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Under Review.

Laira Darkhold

Laira Darkhold

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