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Jiriad Galaar

Jiriad Galaar

    The Ashen-Faced Hawk of Krownest

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Clan Galaar: the White Hawks of Midvinter

"Fyr Odiir og Mand'alor!"

(For Odiir and Mand'alor!)

(faction link: Clan Galaar)


What is Clan Galaar?

Clan Galaar is a Mandalorian clan consisting entirely of Valkyri; large, hardy, boastful warriors hailing from the planet Midvinter. Even as members of the United Clans of Mandalore, Clan Galaar still follows the customs of their homeland in a way that does not conflict with the Mandalorian resol'nare, evident in their battle cry translating to "For Odirr and Mand'alor", Odiir being the chief deity of the Valkyri pantheon. Members of Clan Galaar tend to speak Runian as often as they do Mando'a and Basic, with several objects and members of the Clan named in Valkyri fashion rather than Mandalorian.



They, like the rest of their species, are still disdainful of most technology, with simple metal blades and shields, as well as bows and slugthrowers, being commonplace weapons among Clan Galaar's ranks. Simple is subjective, though, as nearly all members of Clan Galaar are expert smiths and craftsmen, which they say is because they are gifted by Teign, the Valkyri Smithing God. The weapons and armor they craft are as much pieces of art as they are combat gear, though they tent to lack the more advanced features of the gear of their peers. For example, Galaar helmets usually lack heads-up-displays and rangefinders.


q6I4CSF.pngJiriad Galaar and an unidentified Clan Galaar member, clad in full beskar'gam. (source: https://imgur.com/a/TpPNrEQ)


One notable exception Clan Galaar makes to their distaste for technology is the notorious Basilisk droids, bestial automatons often used by Mandalorians as fighters and mounts. Alor Jiriad Galaar was the first among them to form a bond with one of the animal-like droids, discovering the bond they form with their riders is very similar to that of an organic mount, echoing the Vhaanir of Midvinter. Naming the mechanical beast Járndýr, or "Iron Animal" the warrior and the droid became quite close, with Jiriad often riding it into battle together as one.


As a member of the United Clans of Mandalore Clan Galaar calls Krownest home, resting their heads in Fort Cinciri'Galaar, a mighty fortress built into the side of one of the world's mountains. The fortress is mostly constructed with ice and stone, making it quite cold to outsiders, but to its Valkyri inhabitants who are adapted to low temperatures it's like home. The halls of Fort Cinciri'Galaar are quite large to accommodate their larger-than-average inhabitants, and many of the rooms contain shrines to the various gods of the Valkri pantheon. Overall it is primitive by galactic standards, but it suits Clan Galaar just fine. 


Clan Galaar is led by Jiriad Galaar, the Ashen-Faced Hawk, who has led this clan of vicious warriors since they were a simple tribe on Midvinter. With his beskar axe Heimasax and his basilisk mount Járndýr, he now leads the Clan to adventure and glory among the stars. 




 Kinsmen of Clan Galaar, faces painted and geared for war. (Source: Vikings TV show)


What are we looking for?

All members of Clan Galaar are members of the Valkyri Near-Human species, and as such all characters made for the faction should be Valkyri. If you want to play a Mando space viking, this is the clan for you! In addition, as noted above Valkyri are disdainful of technology, so to see one wielding a blaster that's not attached to a ship or a basilisk is rare. Bows, slugthrowers, and other solid-projectile weaponry like flechette guns are instead the ranged weapons of choice. Ships are the other exception to technology, though they tend to use Tra'kad-class transports which are noted to be fairly low-tech.



Fort Cinciri'Galaar, the current home of Clan Galaar, built into one of Krownest's mountains. (source: https://www.artstati...m/artwork/mxOo8)

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