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Eren Soterion Pharr

Orn Pharr Neti Jedi

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Eren Pharr

Eren Pharr


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Name: Eren Soterion Pharr

Alias: None

Titles: None

Faction: Unaligned

Rank: Padawan

Species: Neti


Ryyk (Species Native)

Taanab (Born)

Naboo (Raised)

Age: Weeks~Months

Gender: Male

Force Sensitive: Yes


Orn Pharr (Parent)

Gianna Aegis (Adoptive Mother)

John Locke (Caretaker)

Aktaeon Helia Pharr (Sibling)



(+) Legacy: Eren Soterion Pharr is the child of the venerable Jedi Master Orn Pharr, inheriting a legacy of nonviolence and presence in the Force. His parent’s presence can be felt through him and he bears the burden of following in Orn’s footsteps. 


(+) Neti: Eren is a shapeshifter and a living tree, able to use Plant Surge to manipulate his own body in some simple ways such as growing vines. His species usually lives for many centuries and requires no food, sustaining themselves with water and photosynthesis. Neti also have a strong connection to the Force.


(-) Smol: Eren is small, very small, and thus he is more easily damaged and injured.


(-) Young: Eren is basically a baby that can run, climb, grow, and shapeshift into various humanoid shapes. 



Height: 0.3 Meters (1’)

Weight: 3.8 Kilograms (8.37 Pounds)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: None

Skin: Barky | Primarily Browns


Eren is a neti bearing light brown bark with shades of green and grey mixed throughout his body. He has deep brown eyes and what appears to be green moss growing around the crown of his head. Eren is small, around thirty centimeters tall and weighing around the same weighing around the same as a newborn child, even though he has full mobility and dexterity.



Eren Soterion Pharr is the offspring of Jedi Master Orn Pharr, who sacrificed his life on Taanab in the hopes of healing the wounded, which left behind a pair of seedlings. They were taken by Gianna Aegis to Naboo where she intended to raise them to be Jedi like she and their Father.


"Though we have never met, I hope that you know I would have been there to watch you grow.

But my call was heard, and I did answer it. Now the path lies ahead of you, as it did mine so long ago.

To help the helpless ones who all look up to you, and to defend them, to the end."




Though he is still young and learning, he has a great legacy to live up to, one he may never accomplish, but it is the hope of his Father from the afterlife and his surrogate parents, Gianna and John, that he will one day accomplish more than his father ever did.

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Coren Starchaser

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