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Replica Flesh Golems

- - - - - TSE Coven of Gluttony Voracitos

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Darth Voracitos

Darth Voracitos

    Chaos-God of Gluttony

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  • Intent: To create Avatars that Darth Voracitos may control to give the appearance that he has not turned into an alchemical monstrosity to those who might take offense to such an appearance... and also to give a versatile mechanism for infiltration
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  • Name: Replica Flesh Golems
  • Designation: Semi-sentient
  • OriginsVoracitos [Netherworld]
  • Average Lifespan: One month to a year
  • Estimated Population: Semi-Unique (An extremely small number, first or last of their kind)
  • Description: Composed of flesh from nothing, Replica Flesh Golems are formed in the Netherworld by Voracitos, and given blood by crossing into the material plane. They are constructed by memory or thought in the ritual to create them, meaning they are able to make perfect physical replica's of any person or creature that the caster has seen. The magic used to create them though is rather limited, meaning they do not exhibit their own intelligence, though they can be programmed with behaviors and speech patterns. Additionally, their false flesh eventually decays from their dark origin, meaning their lifespans are relatively short before their flesh can no longer be considered indistinguishable from the original. Otherwise, trained medical professionals and force sensitives are incapable of noticing the difference between a Replica Flesh Golem and the real thing, so long as the caster is intimately familiar with the target appearance, and presence in the force. They are also capable of acting as long-distance conduits for utilizing the force, though doing so heavily degrades the golem before it starts melting, or vanishing into the force.


  • Breathes: Not required, though it can simulate the intended breathing patterns of the target.
  • Average Height of Adults: Variable
  • Average Length of Adults: Variable
  • Skin color: Variable
  • Hair color: Variable
  • Distinctions: Variable
  • Races: Variable
  • Force SensitivityAll (Every single member is born sensitive to the Force, but lack training. Ex. Neti, Vahla)


  • Memory Replication - Capable of perfectly replicating the appearance of any target a Caster remembers seeing. Improved familiarity with body features increases the quality of the likeness in the golem. This is to include any other unique features that can be remembered of the target, such as voice as well as one's presence in the force (it comes very close to exact at the start, but careful examination can expose it, it additionally degrades over time much sooner than its physical appearance).
  • Programmable Behaviors - Capable of perfectly replicating the behaviors and mannerisms of any target a Caster remembers seeing. Improved familiarity with target's behaviors increases the quality of the golem's programming.
  • Force Conduit - The force can be pushed through the golem from any distance if the caster holds a connection with it, such that even force users can be replicated by the golem. Such use of the force though degrades the golem lifespan drastically.


  • Familiarity - If the caster is not familiar with a target, they cannot be reliably replicated.
  • Degradation - Although its replicating abilities are impressive, capable of replicating even force users and their signatures in the force, they are intended for short use only. After a short period of time, especially if the force is conducted through them, they will begin to lose cohesion and melt, or vanish into the force.
  • Unintelligent - They are incapable of learning, and are unable to replicate behaviors the caster would not know about when they are not being controlled, opening them up to exposure if the caster is not actively supervising them.


  • Diet: None required, though can replicate target diet.
  • Communication: No native language, but can be programmed with one if the caster is familiar with it.
  • Technology level: None, can use any technology the caster is familiar with
  • Religion/Beliefs: None
  • General behavior: Variable, depends on programmed behavior of what the caster remembers of the target


After Voracitos's transformation on Rhen Var, the Sith Lord needed a means of recreating his old mortal appearance for times when such an appearance is needed, that wasn't as impersonal as a recreated hologram, or as resource intensive as creating active illusions. His solution was a refined form of an old trick he had conducted once before when his soul was split between the Netherworld and a Gatekeeper Spirit to his Holocron: a flesh golem. Spending a great amount of time and energy within his own pocket dimension in Chaos, Voracitos perfected the ritual and has begun to send these copies of himself into the galaxy to act as his avatars and liaisons for mortal affairs. They are additionally used from time to time to create copies of other interesting parties to infiltrate organisations for his nefarious needs.

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Srina Talon

Srina Talon

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Darth Voracitos


Oh, what a monstrosity he is xD - #RememberRhenVar. 


These are an interesting take on bodies for him to inhabit so he doesn't scare the locals. They seem more geared toward utility than anything else. Good work!



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