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Looking for Outer Rim Peeps

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I'm looking for some outer rim peeps to RP with. You're a pirate and you're looking for a good duel? Hit me up? You want to go duel some pirates? Hit me up! Anything to do that doesn't involve pirates? I suppose we could figure something out (jk I'm up for everything) 

Zak Amroth

Zak Amroth

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Let me tell you about the Outer Rim Coalition!


We are focused entirely on life in the most backwater part of the territories. Firefly? Check. Mad Max? Check. Cyberpunk? Check.


Our force user niche is mostly focused on being the main "rogue jedi" faction, two of our largest orders the Judges and Wardens of the Sky operate similarly as vigilantes and hidden blades who have some trouble with the Code but live and die by their own sense of honor as ultimate bounty hunters and investigators.


You want pirates? We got pirates. There is a small gang of pirate folk who split their time between ORC and Corellian space, you can see evidence of their latest work poking at the Core, but many of these characters are no strangers to our neck of the woods either.


There is no minimum commitment expected on our end, if you'd like you could jump into one of our faction RPs to try it out or if you're looking for a quick thread with a few of our members that's fine too. We won't assume you are 'one of us' unless you dig the vibe and want to hang around for a while.

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