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Mand'alor-class Dreadnought (DTMN Type W) "Morut be te Kyr'bes"

- - - - - Mandalorian Demadas Dartome

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Olivia Dem'adas

Olivia Dem'adas

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Intent: To make a pretty, pretty internet spaceships.
Image Source: Battlestar Galactica FranchiseBattlestar Hesperides
Canon Link: NA
Primary Source: Mand'alor-class BattleshipType 3 Keldabe-class Battleship

Manufacturer: Clan Dem'adas Corp of Engineers
Model: Mand'alor-class Dreadnought (DTMN Type W)

  • "Morut be te Kyr'bes" (Stronghold of the Crown)

Affiliation: Closed Market / Dar'tome Mando'ade / ORC 
Modularity: Limited
Production: Unique

Classification: Heavy Battlecruiser
Length: 5,000 meters
Hyperdrive: Average (Hyperdrive) / Special (Wormhole)
Hangar: Very Low (14 Squadrons)

  • Starfighters: 10 Squadrons
  • Support Craft: 4 Squadrons

Speed: Average
Maneuverability: Low
Defense: Very High
Armament: High

  • Super-Heavy Mass Driver / Missile Launcher Batteries
  • "Vulcan" Gatling Mass Driver Flak Cannons
  • Shield Leech Weapons
  • Point Defense Flak Cannons
  • Point Defense Gatling Slugthrowers
  • MH EM Field Generator Turrets
  • Anti-Starfighter Homing Cluster Nano-Missile Launchers
  • Heavy Tractor Beam Emitter Batteries
  • Heavy Pressor Beam Emitter Batteries



  • Equipped with a G2WG Hyperdrive capable of creating wormholes roughly 5,000 meters wide
  • Optimized for point-blank "brawling" style of combat
  • Ridiculous Anti-Missile and Anti-Starfighter capabilities when utilizing flak ammunition in main batteries
  • Advanced Hull Design leads to impressive Structural Integrity
  • Impressive resistance to exotic forms of attack, such as ionic, electromagnetic, radioactive, sonic, exc
  • Thick, double layered armor plating requires high caliber and/or armor piercing weaponry to penetrate
  • Powerful shields capable of stopping Solar Ionization Weapons and able to shrug off lighter caliber weaponry
  • Advanced power distribution and propulsion technology allows for adjustable performance profiles


  • If attempting to create a wormhole while Firegems are near Hyperdrive, Hyperdrive will explode
  • If attempting to enter a wormhole with Firegems onboard, wormhole will collapse and ship will be dumped into Otherspace
  • Highly Ammo Dependent
  • No Long Range Weapon Capabilities
  • When utilizing flak ammunition in primary weapons, weapons are ineffective against heavily armored capital ships
  • Slow shield regeneration
  • Light ventral armament
  • Light aft armament
  • Expensive and complex to manufacture, the ships can only be produced in limited quantities

A customized Mand'alor-class Dreadnought, the Morut be te Kyr'bes serves as the current flagship of the Dar'tome Mando'ade and has been dispatched to Skyriver with an escort fleet to hunt down a renegade band of criminals wanted by the Kingdom of Tof. As part of this mission, the Morut be te Kyr'bes and her Dar'tome Mando'ade escorts, commanded by Alor Olivia Dem'adas will seek to re-establish lines of communication with the occupants of the main galaxy in an effort to track down these criminals, as well as the Tof King's "kidnapped" 8ft tall daughter. Equipped with the latest Clan Dem'adas naval technology, the Morut be te Kyr'bes is adorned with an exotic Hyperdrive capable of creating Hyperspace Wormholes as a means of traveling between sectors of space. While this means of travel is highly unpredictable (which is saying something when compared to the track record of traditional Hyperdrives), it proves to be an incredibly speedy and efficient means of moving a coordinated fleet over vast distances of otherwise turbulent space. In particular, the unique properties of traveling via wormhole allows the Morut be te Kyr'bes to escort an entire fleet of ships across the vast gulf between Besh (otherwise known as Firefist) and the Main Galaxy (otherwise known as The Skyriver) in only a few short weeks. Which is an impressive feat when one considers that the same path would take several months if traveled in a ship utilizing a traditional Hyperdrive.

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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