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Valin Stryder

Sith JenVikas

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Valin Stryder

Valin Stryder


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Name: Valin Stryder

Homeworld: Coruscant

Age: 20 

Faction: Sith Empire, Jen'V'ikas

Rank: Sith Acolyte 

Race: Zabrak

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7

Eye color: Red (Yellow)

Hair color: None 






Valin Stryder was born in 838 ABY during a time when the galaxy was witnessing upheval and the balance of the Force was shifting, living on Sith Occupied Coruscant, he survived by living in the underworld, his parents bounty hunters trying to make a living and staying out of sight from the Sith. When he was age 5, he started to experience visions, his connections to the Force growing often terrified by what he saw in the Force. Images of destruction that he could not explain, empires rising and falling and figures he did not know of appearing before him. It wasn't long in his childhood before the visions started to drive him into madness, his parents however, were unwilling to do anything about it. Kept him locked away in their home for fear of anyone finding out and reporting him to the Sith to be taken away to the Dark Temple upon the surface.


Following the collapse of the One Sith in 850 ABY, with the Galactic Alliance taking back Coruscant, The New Jedi Order seemed a better chance with controlling Valin's Force Abilities, as well as the ones that allowed him to see into the future. So Valin was placed under the care of the New Jedi Order within the halls of the Coruscant Temple. Over the next few years, he studied under Jedi Consulars who had experience in the ability of seeing, working to help Valin control his ability, if not find a relief in any sort of way. In 852 ABY things changed however, with the breakout of the Great Galactic War. With attacks from both the First Order, and the newly organized Sith in the Tingle Arm. The Sith Empire was stronger than that of the One Sith, what had terrified Valin is he had seen these events years earlier, speaking in cryptic words as if he had gone mad. Only for it to finally come true in the final days of the War, in what was known as Operation Endgame, simultaneous attacks from both the First Order and the Sith Empire, broke the backbone of the Alliance. Soon Coruscant fell due to the work of Jedi Master Taeli Raaf, which he soon learned later upon his capture that she was a Sith Lord who had infiltrated the Alliance years ago in preparation for it's downfall in order to answer to her Master the Sith Emperor. 


Valin for years was kept in prison by the Sith Empire, transported as a prisoner. If the Jedi were not killed, nor fled from Coruscant or Lothal, they were captured by the Sith. For several years he was studied and tortured, his mind infiltrated to expose his gift into seeing the Force, in hopes of using it's power to serve the Emperor. Now after years of torture, study and confinement. Valin is twisted by the dark side, joining the ranks of the newly established Jen'Vikas to become a weapon, a tool to be used for his gifts of prophecy and strong ability into the Force. Here is where the true story begins. 






Valin when he was a child, and later on as a Jedi Padawan, was often quiet provoked by constant images brought about by the Force, slowly throughout the years, his own sanity started to fade away. His kind demeanor became cold, frightened by what he saw. The boy that he once was, was now gone and replaced after years of torture from the Sith into a ruthless servant of the Empire, wishing to use his visions and studies in the dark side to gain a high standing within the Empire and to serve the Emperor personally.  




Valin is an average Zabrak with a light build to him. With an average height of 5'7 short brown , his skin black and covered in tattoos , with the tattoo of the Jen'Vikas first circle placed on his arm, to show that he is an initiate. Covered from head to toe in armor, his face obscured by a mask that constantly brings him pain. Used to tap into his power in the dark side and to sharpen his focus, the appearance is one of intimidation. 



Equipment: N/A


Bounties: N/A





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