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Jurgoran-class Sith-Imperial Bomber

- - - - - TSE Bomber

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  • Intent: Create a new bomber for TSE to replace the old one
  • Image Source: Click - Wookieepedia
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Bomber
  • Length: 12m
  • Width: 14m
  • Height: 4.8m
  • Armament: Very High
    • ​[2] Heavy Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked, Stutter-Fire Capable)
    • [2] Ion Cannons
    • [2] Concussion Missile Launchers (Fixed Forward)
    • [1] Bomb Bay (Variable Load)
  • Defenses: High
    • Armour and Hull Plating
    • Deflector Shields (Overlaid Ray and Particle Screens)
    • EWAR, Electronic Countermeasures, Chaff and, Flare Launchers
    • Emergency Thrusters (Chemical Propellent)
  • Squadron Count: Low
    • ​8 Bombers per Squadron
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: N/A


  • Advanced Sensor and Targeting Systems
  • Standard Navigation and Avionics Systems
  • Standard Communications Suite (Encrypted with Planetary Military Keys)
  • Standard Atmospheric Seals and Perfunctory Oxygen Scrubbers (Life Support Capable Flight Suit Required)
  • Standard Subspace and HoloNet Transceiver(s)
  • Standard Inertial Compensators
  • Standard VTOL Repulsorlift Antigravity System
  • Standard Homing Beacon (Encrypted with Planetary Military Keys)



  • Powerful Bomber: The Jurgoran lives up to its namesake, being equipped with a variable load bomb chute that can rain down an exorbitant amount of destruction on a wide stretch of land. Powerful laser cannons, ion cannons, and concussion missile launchers can make quick work of any fighter unfortunate enough to cross its path.
  • Well-Defended: The Jurgoran is outfitted with comprehensive deflector shields, a trait shared by all starfighters in use by the Sith Empire, and reinforced hull plating that can take a good several hits and keep on going. 


  • Slow Ion Drives: To compensate for all of the heavy ordnance the Jurgoran has only enough engine systems to get it from A to B and is not designed for excessive speed or rapid maneuverability. Most other fighters can outpace it fairly easily.
  • No Hyperdrive: Like all non-elite starfighters in the Sith Empire, the Jurgoran lacks a hyperdrive.



Following the creation and popularity of the Dominance-class Sith-Imperial Strike Fighter, many more updated designs of traditional Sith starfighters went into production. The Empire's best and brightest began to work to phase out every Santhe-inspired design from the military, ultimately replacing every starfighter with ships that hearkened back to the Empire's ancient past.


The second of these starfighters was the Jurgoran-class Sith-Imperial Bomber, a meaty vessel outfitted with multiple heavy weapon systems capable of shredding anything unfortunate enough to be caught in its crosshairs. While most of the Jurgoran's weapons were forward mounted, the bomber possessed a ventral bomb chute that was heavily modular and could be filled with whatever classification of ordnance the bomber was suited to carrying; such as seismic bombs and concussion warheads.


In time, the Jugoran would replace the pair of bombers the Sith Empire typically relied upon, though it would still remain second in comparison to the Empire's Ajunta-class StarFortress.

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