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Mailoc-class Sith-Imperial Gunship

- - - - - TSE Gunship

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  • Intent: Create a gunship for TSE
  • Image Source: Click - Wookieepedia
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Gunship
  • Length: 24.98m
  • Width: 6.6m
  • Height: 4.9m
  • Armament: High
  • Defenses: Moderate​
    • Armour and Hull Plating
    • Deflector Shields (Overlaid Ray and Particle Screens)
    • EWAR, Electronic Countermeasures, Chaff and, Flare Launchers
    • Emergency Thrusters (Chemical Propellent)
  • Squadron Count: Very Low
    • ​4 Gunships per Squadron
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: N/A


  • Standard Sensor and Targeting Systems
  • Standard Navigation and Avionics Systems
  • Standard Communications Suite (Encrypted with Planetary Military Keys)
  • Standard Atmospheric Seals and Perfunctory Oxygen Scrubbers (Life Support Capable Flight Suit Required)
  • Standard Subspace and HoloNet Transceiver(s)
  • Standard Inertial Compensators
  • Standard VTOL Repulsorlift Antigravity System
  • Standard Homing Beacon (Encrypted with Planetary Military Keys)



  • Gunship: The Mailoc-class Sith-Imperial Gunship is outfitted with a impressive array of heavy weapons, each one capable of shredding enemy ships with ease. As a light troop transport, the Mailoc possesses a pair of sliding bay doors on either side of the craft; both of which are equipped with infantry weapon harnesses that can be commandeered by a door gunner for atmospheric engagements.


  • No Hyperdrive: The exception of a hyperdrive on the Mailoc enabled designers to outfit the gunship with more technically advanced weapon systems and sublight engines, in turn making the Mailoc and very fast, very maneuverable, heavy-hitting assault craft.



Following the creation and popularity of the Dominance-class Sith-Imperial Strike Fighter, many more updated designs of traditional Sith starfighters went into production. The Empire's best and brightest began to work to phase out every Santhe-inspired design from the military, ultimately replacing every starfighter with ships that hearkened back to the Empire's ancient past.


The third of these starfighters was the Mailoc-class Sith-Imperial Gunship, the largest of the new wave of Sith-designed starships to be introduced into the Imperial Armada. Designed as the Sith's answer to the Alliance U-Wing gunship, the Mailoc was capable of transporting up to eight passengers inside of its reinforced fuselage and was outfitted with heavy infantry weapon mounts on either of the side-doors.


The Mailoc could function in both space and atmospheric combat situations, supplementing the Empire's range of fighters with ease.

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