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Intent: To create a medical nano-droid for use in a future submission, and for use by the Thyrsian Military.
Image Source: Big picture education article. [x]
Canon Link:Not Applicable.
Primary Source: Nanotechnology (Canon and Legends,) NM-K Reconstitutor, Nano-Droid, Nanomedicine, Wrath of the Sun.
Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation - Advanced Robotics Division, The Golden Company - Armourer’s Guild, The Thyrsian Hierarchy - Royal Armourer’s Guild.
Affiliation: The Golden Company, The Thyrsian Hierarchy.
Model: TTH/MND-001 Medical Nanodroids.
Production: Minor-scale production.
Modularity: Yes; modular hypodermic injector container.
Material: Durasteel, Glasteel, Reinforced Duraplast, Electrolytic Transfer Fluid(s,) Various Nanomachine Components.
Classification: First Degree Medical Nano-Droid.
Weight: 1.5 Nanometres.
Height: 1.5 Nanometres.
Movement: Maneuvering Flagella, and Electrolytic Transfer Fluid.
Armaments: None.
Misc. Equipment: 
  • Micro-synapse droid brain, with heuristic processors.
    • Micro-medical analysis computer.
  • Micro-servos, with flagella.
  • Perception filaments.
  • Remote programming transceiver.
  • Micro-internal repair unit.
  • Micro-ionization buffer.
  • Micro-servo grip pincers.
  • Micro-medical sensor probes.
  • Micro-hypodermic injector, with variable medicinal fluids.
  • Mirco-laser scalpel.
  • Micro-dermal regenerator.
  • Bloodstream traversable.
  • Microscopic robot(s.)
  • Modular hypodermic injection module.
  • Integrated security module (Anti-tampering.)
  • Medical nanotechnology; microscopic in size.
  • Can fill bone fractures, and repair tissue - including stemming internal bleeding.
  • Non-combative.
  • Non-instantaneous restorative properties; repairs tissue over time.
  • Cannot repair broken bones.
  • Cannot regenerate limbs.
  • Cannot resurrect the dead.
  • Must be injected prior to use.
  • Limited ionic resistance.
Nanotechnology wasn’t new to the known Universe, as it can be traced as far back as the days of the Clone Wars. However, it was utilized then as carefully crafted explosives or minuscule tracking devices - that’d be impossible to shake. For the Golden Company, their understanding of Nanotechnology came from uncovered secrets that led to the reproduction of various nano-viral agents that the Mercenaries deployed on the battlefield from time to time. This previously acquired knowledge led them towards an expansion into medicinal uses and robotics; which could further enhance their mastery on the battlefield and provide a new quality of life to their Soldiers. 
The TTH/MND-001 Medical Nanodroid was the first generation of diminutive robot(s) that could be injected into a subject’s bloodstream, and perform alleged miracles if given a sufficient amount of time. These supposed miracles would constitute a minor-scale healing factor that would allow a soldier to sustain a myriad of injuries and recover from them in an admittedly short measure of time. Sadly, this boon of expedited recovery couldn’t be applied to broken bones or severed limbs, as injuries of that magnitude would require the attention of a battlefield medic and prosthetics. Fractures, on the other hand, would find themselves filled with a synthetic polymer that’d fused the shattered pieces of broken enamel back together. 
These nano droids would be controlled by a bio-monitoring node that would be implanted into the Soldier near the base of their spine. From that central, miniaturized computer, the nanobots would be directed to wherever the Soldier was wounded and would be tasked to repair the injury to the best of their abilities. Some examples would be through the injection of a bio-degradable protein that was strong enough, and would help stabilize a Soldier who’s artery was severed; without bleeding themselves dry. Another example would be when the Soldier is severely burned by contact with a plasmatic weapon - be it a blaster or a lightsabre - the nanobots would utilize an integrated dermal regenerator to enhance the regenerative qualities of the Soldier’s flesh; healing them from the inside out.
However, despite the fantastic properties of these Nanobots, they were incapable of bringing the dead back to life or regenerating lost limbs. Those were the realms beyond the physical constraints of this technology.


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