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Breath Concealed Carry

- - - - - Breath Suppressed Firearm Shhhhhhh

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Kale Seleare

Kale Seleare

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View of Pistol


Pistol being fired, and reloaded



  • Intent: Create a pistol specifically designed for covert, or concealed scenarios. As well as intigrating a weapon that can be used in conjunction with a very nice set of holsters
  • Image Source: Artstation - Kit Grande
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Dash Kessler for inspiring me to make something more stealthy.



  • Classification: Slugthrower
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: 10 mm round
  • Ammunition Capacity: 11 + 1
  • Reload Speed: Very Fast
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: Very High
  • Stopping Power: High
  • Recoil: Average


  • Can bypass sensor technology
  • EMP Hardened
  • Internal integrated suppressor
  • Rail Attachment for Laser, or Flashlight
  • De-cocker and Safety Switch
  • Lowlight Optical Iron Sights
  • Sloped mag-well (Makes for easier reloads)
  • Can use standard Rounds, or Sub-sonic Rounds. 


  • Light Utility: Presented as a weapon to be a general self-defense firearm, but mostly is used for more covert or concealed carry uses. The various special features of the firearm such as low light iron sights for better sight picture in darker conditions, Slopped mag-well to allow a smooth entry of a Magazine into the well, even a de-cocker and safety feature in one to allow for safe disarmament of the striker(Firing Pin). Secondly, a forward rail allows for the added feature of a small laser for more precise aiming in less than desirable conditions, or even a lantern. This weapon is built to be suited best for the user no matter the situation. 
  • Covert-Operations: While a Holster that is able to hide the firearm under ones jacket, even past sensors and scanners, is very useful and desirable, this weapon is built for the purpose of working in tandem with said shoulder harness. However, should a shoulder harness not be the best choice of wear, the firearm has been coated in nightshadow, and uses a stealth based ceramic that will hide it from most sensors. Even utilizing the metal that is naturally cold so that even when being worn, it won't show up on infra-red or heat bases sensors as well. This weapon is Stealth. 
  • Quiet on the set!: Built within the slide, and the frame of the firearm are baffles. Built much akin to suppressors that can increase the distribution, and time in which the expanding gasses can move to. Thereby suppressing, and even silencing the pistol should it be fired. While it softens the sound of the gun itself literally exploding the fuel to send the bullet down range, it does not stop the bullet from creating a "Crack" as it breaks the sound barrier. However, should one use Sub-sonic rounds, the weapon is so quiet, you can hear the slide cycle a new round into the chamber. This is the reason where the pistol receives its name, Breath. The weapon is so quiet, it could be fired under your breath. 


  • Hands Off: Despite all the advances in technology, and the ability to hide the pistol from pretty much any kind of sensor known to man, nothing beats a good ol' pat down. Feeling the physical weapon on someone's person, is more than enough to know its there. 
  • These ones right?: Most slugs move faster than the speed of sound. Hence the familiar crack sound whenever a gun is fired. While the gun itself is suppressed, the bullet is not. In order for the gun to be utterly silent and barely make any sound at all, it will have to use Sub-sonic rounds, which are comparably, weaker than the standard bullets that could be fired from the weapon. Meaning that if using the Sub-sonic rounds, it will in no way be able to penetrate armor that is designed to withstand slugthrowers. While maybe being able to do some damage with the standard rounds. 

About a week ago, Kale received a specially designed holster. One that specifically was used just for general carry of a firearm. However, when instructed with the note provided by ToTT for the construction and additions that had been made as a courtesy, Kale took a long gander at what he could do with this. While he could easily wear it out in the open on some occasions, it was likely best kept under a jacket or a heavy sweat shirt or the like. Concealed with the idea of being out of sight, out of mind. While being told it prevented scanners from finding the pistol, Kale took it one step further. 


What if he, sadly, was unable to use said holster set up, and had to still carry a firearm for self defense? Well then he would want a weapon that would still be able to hide from sensors, and even be silenced should the need arise. Having one custom made for him, in which would provide all of the benefits of said holster, but also with the weapon itself, Kale also used various textiles that prevented scans that may have been able to bypass the holster such as infrared, or heat bases sensors. With metals conducting heat more easily than other items such as clothing, and being worn under his armpit, one of the highest heat conditioned areas on a human body, a steel was used in context with the slide to always stay cool and bypass heat sensors. 


More over, with the majority of the gun being made with a ceramic based polymer, its light enough to be easily carried and even can resist extremely small forms of Ion damage. 


Overall, this is a utility based pistol made to use in conjunction with, or without, a newly acquired shoulder harness. 

Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

    Pilot. Apprentice. Friend.

  • Roleplay Judge
    • Character Bio
  • 1,423 posts