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- - - - - City Eriu Desert Nagai

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  • City Name: Nag'Harak
  • Classification: Urban Center
  • Location: Eriu
  • Affiliation: Local Government
  • PopulationModerate. Optional: Approximately 100,000
  • Demographics: Primarily local desert-dwelling Nagai at over 90%. Remainder are travelers and traders. Few humans and aliens, mostly Nagai.
  • Wealth: High With a monopoly on trade coming out of the East, as well as the desert regions, local wealth generation is steady.
  • Stability: High Though suspicious of outsiders, the locals are tolerant. Misbehaviour is swiftly and severely dealt with, making crime and antisocial behaviour virtually nonexistent. When nearly everyone carries multiple blades and knows how to use them, people maintain a general level of respect and politeness.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Local laws and customs are followed, though outsiders are expected only to maintain good behaviour. Justice is swift and merciless. An open trade-based society prevails, with locals minding their own business.
  • Description: Rising from the flat sandy sun-baked plains of the great forbidden desert, surrounded by high rocky walls, the great city of Nag'Harak is the sole settlement in this harsh and unforgiving climate.


Grand Market - Thousands of years old, predating even the great city, this site is where the original tribes of the region met to settle disputes and trade water and other goods. Now a bustling marketplace, it still retains ancient traditions of formalized respect, and places for the ancient clans are still kept, even in memory of those that have gone extinct.


Blood Sands Arena - A medium sized arena capable of holding several thousand spectators, this is the largest of the city's fighting arenas. Built for antiquated gladiatorial games, they still host more modern versions of the ancient contests, both individual and team competitions.


Plains of Salt and Bone - Surrounding the city on three sides, these flat, open, parched plains stretch for miles in every direction. In ancient times, attackers would die of thirst outside the great earthen walls, giving the area a name that lives on to the present day.





Local militia serve as both police and soldier, as well as judge and jury. They are armed with bladed weapons only, though have access to advanced Nagai sonic weaponry should the need to deal with organized resistance occur. No vehicles or aircraft, though the city has had anti-air defence turrets installed more recently.

When the original Nagai spacecraft was wrecked in the Eriu system, most of the survivors were concentrated on the western part of the planetary continent. Those unlucky enough to be cast to the eastern reaches found themselves cut off from the rest of the landmass by a colossal desert.
So began the society that would come to be known collectively as the Far Eastern Enclaves. Adapting to the new harsh environment, they adopted attire suitable to the parched climate, that would protect them from the intense solar radiation and water-starved locale.

Society evolved around water trade, cautiously, as the warrior Nagai were suspicious of one another, especially in the resource-starved early years. As enclaves grew in size, traditions to formalize any conflict to avoid mutual slaughter in the harsh desert became a necessity. 

The traditional meeting place, a sheltered basin surrounded by high mesas and rock walls, became neutral ground. Later, this would be the site of the settlement that would become Nag'Harak, the capital city.

Over time, contact was reestablished with the descendents of the western Nagai, and trade and war came before the much later global unification that normalized relations, travel, trade, and cooperation.

What began as a trade station and camp for the meeting elders and their retinues grew into a flourishing trade post, then a town, and finally into a great walled city. Even after a thousand years, the modern technology is clad in the traditions and ancient architecture of the original Nagai settlers.

Even after centuries, the Eastern enclaves maintain traditional dress and customs, preferring their adopted home to the more lush and temperate zones of the west of the continent. Having adapted so well to life in the harsh desert climate, may are reluctant to venture away from what they have come to know as their home.

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