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Cyra Ren

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Cyra Ren

Cyra Ren


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Cyra Ren






NAME: Cyra Ren (Formerly Sekhari Vekh)

FACTION: The First Order


RANK: Disciple of Ren




AGE: 25


SEX: Female


HEIGHT: Average


PHYSIQUE: Feminine


EYES: Purple due to Dark Side Corruption (Originally Blue)


HAIR: Black










STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Sorceress: Cyra is a capable dark sider, and has mastered the arts of Sith Sorcery and Alchemy after many pilgrimages to the ancient Sith tomb world of Korriban, hoping to master the secrets of the ancient Dark Lords in pursuit of furthering the goals of the Knights of Ren. Her skill with these dark arts is great indeed, and she has created many lifeforms and creatures with the dark side with which to strengthen and rebuild the military might of the once great power.

Duelist: Cyra is an avid swordsmen, having mastered multiple forms of Lightsaber combat, though her primary form of Makashi is her usual go to, allowing her to outpace and gracefully deal with multiple opponents should the need arise.

Vain: Cyra cares much about her own vanity, preferring to garb herself in the finest exotic clothes she can afford with her vast wealth. She likes to look her best, even in the midst of combat. Though her fighting style tends to accomodate for this, a particularly tenacious foe might be able to exploit her lack of armour.

Ego: Cyra is seriously over confident and self assured in her own abilities, and has the ego to match. As such, one skilled in fanning egos might be able to manipulate her to their own ends.





A young woman in her mid twenties, Cyra could be considered a beautiful specimen indeed. Her jaw droppingly feminine features capture the gaze of those around her, a fact she uses to her own advantage quite frequently. Her black hair is kept short yet well groomed, and she tends to favour black and purple colours in her attire, which tends to be both seductive yet easy to move in to enable her to fight more easily. An elegant lightsaber hilt engraved with serpents would usually be affixed to the side of her belt.


Once the promising padawan of a Silver Jedi Knight, Sekhari, as she was known as then, was tempted and seduced by the power of the dark side at the age of eighteen, fleeing her master and making a pilgrimage to the ancient sith tomb world of Korriban. Amongst the spirits of long dead Sith Lords, she mastered the arts of the dark side, especially those of sorcery and alchemy, seeking to increase her own power by whatever means were necessary. Using her newfound gifts, she created many abominations and creatures, selling them off as weapons to various criminal syndicates across the galactic stage.


Her works recently caught the attention of Kyrel Ren, who saw great potential in the girl. She was inducted into the ranks of the rebuilding Knights of Ren, where she presently continues to further her mastery of the dark side and continue her work.


TIE/vn Space Superiority Fighter