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The Redoubt (The South Tower)

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  • Military Base Name: The Redoubt (Widespread), The South Tower (Local Name)
  • Classification: Knights Obsidian Facility
  • Location: Vylmira
  • Affiliation:
  • Population: Heavy 
    • The Redoubt is a specialized facility built with Warden Class Knights in mind, but populated by Knights Obsidian from all subdivisions. While a considerable portion of the population are students, the Redoubt does serve as a full fledged barracks and Military Base. Given its remote location, Civilian Population is typically limited, though not unusual.
  • Demographics: The Demographics of the Redoubt are widely varied. While Humans do constitute the majority species, the function of outpost for a galactic superpower results in a vast and ever changing selection of aliens.
  • Accessibility: The Redoubt is located near the South Pole of Vylmira. The location is well documented as a Confederate Military Establishment, and is easily accessible by land or air, despite its secluded location.
  • Description: The Redoubt is a large tower, with a cluster of buildings and landing pads around its base. Following a much darker tone than typical Vylmiran Architecture, the walls seem almost crystalline in appearance, and the decor lacks the typical golden trim of Vylmiran Architecture. The dark coloration on the walls is a stark contrast to the snowy wastes around it. 


  • Landing Pads, Hangers, and Repair Bays: The base of the tower is surrounded by landing pads and hangers for everything from snub fighters all the way to Frigate-class Vessels. Offering docking, Repair, Refuel, and Restock, the Logistical Center of The Redoubt is equipped to see to your ship's every need.
  • Security Checkpoints: The entrance to the tower is marked with a number of security checkpoints, complete with biometric sensors and scanners, as well as fully armed droids and personnel.
  • Main Hall: The Main Hall of the Redoubt is stark and imposing, owing to the Sith Architecture employed in its construction. An imposing and awe-inspiring sight, the Main Hall is decorative, and serves more as a buffer between Security and the rest of the tower than anything else.
  • Training Halls: The second layer above the Main Hall, the Training Halls serve as an academy of the Knights Obsidian. Equipped with a number of Holographic simulation rooms, Training droids and probes, study halls, and archives, the Training Halls feature everything an aspiring knight would need to rise through the ranks.
  • Dormitories: The Dorms are the third layer of the tower, featuring bedding for the Knights Obsidian students. Rather stark and unimpressive, students are allowed to decorate their spaces with mementos and keepsakes to make the space more homely.
  • Visitor Suites: The Suites, while above the Dorms, are considered the same layer of the tower, featuring private rooms for visiting dignitaries, CIS officials, or full fledged Knights Obsidian operatives. These feature more natural decorations, as they are intended for temporary lodging. They are more comfortable than the dorms, and feature sitting areas and desks within the rooms so that visitors might conduct business within the privacy of their room as needed.
  • Operations Suite: The Operations Suite is the fourth layer of the Redoubt, featuring facilities catering to the full fledged Knights Obsidian. From a real-time strategic map of the galaxy, compiled from public records and Ministry of Secrets Intel, to fabrication facilities, armor/weapons repair, Medical Facilities, and a full armory catering to the Warden mindset, the Operations Suite is designed to be a headquarters to agents in the field.
  • Meeting Hall: The fifth layer in the tower, the Meeting Hall serves as a place for intimate gatherings, be it among the Obsidian Lords, or other individuals. 
  • The Spire: the Spire is the highest point on the Redoubt, featuring the office of the Facility Overseer/Headmaster, as well as an apartment for the same. The decor can change between directors, but is naturally very militaristic and utilitarian, relying on the building's natural architecture to decorate the space. The living quarters are not overly large, offering little more than a bed, cooking area, a table to eat at, a refresher, and a sitting area. 


The Redoubt serves as a military base for the Warden Class Knights Obsidian, resulting in a large number of combat trained individuals on base at any one given time. In addition, the Octarchy Covenant stationed near by can lend support via both manpower, and air support. The Redoubt also features a number of Anti-Air Turrets, Turbolasers, and Missile Launchers to deter unwanted visitors, in addition to a Planetary Grade Shield to protect it from orbital bombardments. While those seeking entry must submit to a thorough security screening to enter the facility, once inside the facility there are precious few checkpoints. There are a wide array of cameras, anti-personnel turrets, Shield Emitters, anti-stealth sensors, and security droids within the facility to deter attackers, though cameras are rare in the dormitories to offer the residents some degree of privacy.
Originally constructed during the Sith occupation of Vylmira, the South Tower was to be a direct opposition of the North Tower (At the time, serving as a Luka Sene temple). After the defeat of the Sith, the tower went unused for a long period of time, save for a military outpost for the Octarchy Covenant. Upon Vylmira's official addition to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Vylmiran High Councilor Voph Sitdrisa'yr began work converting the Tower to a Knights Obsidian outpost, attempting to follow the same timeframe as his conversion of the North Tower.


The Redoubt serves as a full fledged training facility for the Knights Obsidian, in addition to its function as a Knights Obsidian Garrison. While primarily a Warden Facility, the Redoubt has facilities catering to all aspects of the Knights Obsidian, serving as a home away from home for those Knights wandering from the fold of Geonosis.


The Redoubt also serves a secondary function of allowing a union of Knights Obsidian and Vylmiran business, as Voph has obligations to both. Overseeing the facility on an unofficial level, Voph also ensured that the facilities existed that permitted him to attend to his duties as Vylmiran High Councilor while still fulfilling his role among the Confederacy as a leader for the Wardens. Additionally, while the bulk of the facility is dedicated to training, the fortress also functions as a full base of operations for Wardens and general Knights Obsidian alike, featuring all the facilities such persons might need to effectively execute their duties to the Confederacy.

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