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Theories about the new trilogy before Last Jedi.

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Sullivan Sykes

Sullivan Sykes
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What were some of everyone’s personal or favorite theories about the Last Jedi and how the new trilogy would lead to before episode 8 was released. I’m just wondering as I remember that me and a few friends had thought they were pulling from KOTOR like later seasons of Rebels seemed to be pulling from Force Unleashed.

Jor Kvall

Jor Kvall

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Nothing can beat SuperShadow. For you kids who grew up with post-dial-up internet, he was a special kind of internet huckster who claimed to know George Lucas personally and had all kinds of "insider scoops" on both the prequel and sequel trilogy (a full decade before the sequel trilogy was even greenlit). He even had an exhaustive list of the "official" midichlorian counts of all main characters.


It was obviously all a bunch of crap, but when you're like 12 years old and don't have such a finely tuned bullshit detector? Seems plausible. I look back fondly on elaborate schemes like these that are no longer possible with the advent of today's social media. The internet used to be so much more fun.


RIP SuperShadow.



Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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I always hoped the Thrawn Trilogy would become 7, 8 and 9. I also remember SuperShadow and his inside information from Lucas himself. Never gave him any money though. :)


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Wow.I had never heard of SuperShadow.I have been on Star Wars message boards since 1999, and I somehow missed out on this.I just read this insane article on the guy -- https://www.thrillis...shadow-spoilers .Very interesting piece.  

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