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The Kastolar Sector Raiders

Space Pirates Criminal Gang Organization Silver Jedi Order

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Intent: To create an oppositional force to enrich and provide further context to threads and stories for the Order of the Silver Jedi.

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Canon: No.





Organization Name: Kastolar Sector Raiders.

Classification: Spacer Gang, Criminal Organization.

Faction Affiliation: The Order of the Silver Jedi [Opposition].

Organization Symbol: Click here - As seen above.


The Kastolar Raiders are a large organized Gang of Space Pirates and Marauders, Smugglers, Killers and Thieves; All of which follow a chain of command or hierarchy within the Criminal Organization’s membership structure.


The Kastolar Sector Raiders have begun quick expansion of their territories, where they operate out of individual bases, forming independant “chapters” who then pay tribute to their primary charter back where they were first founded on Ubrikkia. 


Ubrikkia National Charter:

The Founding Chapter and heart of the Criminal Organization, in many cases the National Charter works much the same as Individual Chapters; However in terms of hierarchy all other chapters are seen as subsects of the National Charter, and the National Officers such as the Overlord have power and authority over alternative Chapter Officers.


In times of the Organization's need for structure or decision making, the National Charter may call upon the Chapter Officers to meet with and discuss the future of the Gang. Such requests cannot be denied by alternative chapter Officers, and while majority vote remains the consensus of decision making, the Overlord can veto any votes in favor of the Organization's vision and interests.


Individual Chapters:

Each Individual Chapter are self reliant sects of the larger Criminal Organization, basing out of their own locations with their own structure and hierarchy working under the Ubrikkia National Charter. These Chapters have their own operations and methods of making money, giving a percentage to the Charter for the entirety of the Organization’s growth and future sustenance.




Headquarters: Located on Ubrikkia.

Domain (Territory): Kastolar Sector.

Notable Assets: N/A.





  • Overlord:

The Overlord stands at the height of the Organization's Hierarchy and is answerable to none by his/her self. It is his will and goals that shape and direct the Criminal Organizations direction and future. In order to challenge the position of the Overlord, a vote of no confidence must be taken in which the entire National Charter must agree upon.

  • Arbiter:

The Chapter Arbiter is responsible for everything, often seen as a position of power, it is in fact one of responsibility and is the sole member above all others answerable for the Clubs actions towards others and within. The Chapter Arbiter is joined with his officers of whom join him in debating the Chapters hierarchy and direction. While the Arbiter has the most influence within the crew, in most cases, decisions come down to a majority vote from himself and his officers. Every Arbiter is answerable to the Overlord.

  • Vice-Regent:

The Vice-Regent is the second in charge and primary advisor of the Arbiter, standing in during their absence to lead the organization or otherwise taking the front in matters of diplomacy/territory disputes with other gangs. Anything the Arbiter needs, the Vice-Regent will hand down to their Officers to ensure it gets done. In some cases, it’s also wise for any good Vice-Regent to ensure that their Arbiter doesn’t become too high strung in power, to act as a voice of reason, on a much more personal level than most are allowed. This rarely works however and has at times resulted in power disputes and in gang killings.

  • Sergeant at Arms:

The Shot-caller, and the one to get their hands dirty when someone needs to be dealt with, indefinitely. The Sergeant at Arms are the officers of war and organize all able-bodies for Gang Disputes turned violent. In many cases where a rival gang member is targeted for assassination, it’s the Sergeant at Arms that’s given the order. These men are the backbone of the Organizations strong-arm and are proven killers. 

  • Scribe:

The numbers man, the Scribe’s primary role is one of finance and statistics. Organization of larger profitable operations and “fronts” being utilized by the Organization, the Scribe ensures the steady flow of credits through the chain of command. Without the Scribe, there’d be no credits, and without the credits there’d be no future for the Gang.

  • Sector Valkyrie:

The Sector Valkyrie leads at the front of all Fleeting operations, no matter their size or nature. Responsible for the Organizations movements across the chapter’s individual and varying sectors of space, all hostile operations such as raiding trade routes or attacking civilian space-stations, goes through the Sector Valkyrie for authorization first.

  • Vanguard:

Vanguard work under the Sergeant at Arms and help ensure discipline within the Organizations members. When a Gang Member steps out of line or challenges the hierarchy, it’s the Vanguard that step in and remind them of their place. When a rival gang enters their patch, it’s the Vanguard who deliver the beatdown.

  • Raiders:

“Initiated members” or Raiders, are majority of the Organizations numbers. Having earned their way into the Criminal Gang through a period of prospecting, these men and women have been taken in and made family. Every member that receives their patch, display it upon the back of their vests as a sign of pride and loyalty to the Organization. They follow the chain of command, while also given the freedom to pursue their own means of earning credits for the Gang and personal use. 

  • Initiates:

Otherwise known as Prospects for the Kastolar Raiders, Initiates are more like slaves to the patched/full-fledged members of the Gang, doing whatever they’re told in order to earn the respect of their peers and the right to be patched in, giving their coat of arms and become a Son or Daughter to the Overlord of Ubrikkia.



In order to gain membership into the Criminal Organization, one must begin prospecting under the watch and instructions of the Officers (members of hierarchy). This period of time can range from any duration depending on the effort the Prospect has put into proving their devotion and loyalty to the Gang. Often-times, Prospects will be instructed to take on high-risk jobs where the odds are stacked against them, proving not only their willingness to put the Gang first and to sacrifice for their Brothers, but also culling the weak and promoting those who are strong, and more likely to exceed the Gangs expectations, as well as the requirements of a life lived in criminality.



For those within the Criminal Organization there is a strong sense of Family/Belonging. Having come together to show strength in numbers against what they perceive to be an otherwise corrupt and power-hungry, oppressive Galaxy. Unity and devotion to one another inside of the Gang is prioritized highly above all else, as well as earning a sustained income to finance the Gangs activities and livelihood.


Outsiders however will not find such a positive outlook towards the Gang's attitudes and behavior. Members of the Kastolar Sector Raiders are easily agitated by outsiders and quick to defend their image and reputation when questioned by the Authorities. They appear to find a certain pride in standing against the law, as in their eyes it means refusing to "submit to the man" (the dominant power controlling the people). The working man is often seen as a sucker, a slave to the system where as the Kastolar Sector Raiders are liberated in their freedom and anarchist state of mind and being.


The majority of members within the Criminal Organization are male; while they are not biased towards females, it is the aggression and arrogance found more often in men that drives the majority of the Gangs activities and culture. That said, there are exceptions and for those females having earned a place in the Gang against the often inappropriate behavior of men, these women are quick to prove that they too can be just as fierce when it comes to surviving in a Galaxy that only seeks to control the people.



Nothing is publicly known of the Raider’s primary dwelling on Ubrikkia, however across the Kastolar Sector, news of an uprise in attacks and piracy has awoken the holonet/media to a growing presence of criminality in Silver Jedi Space.


Sparking public doubt in the Silver Jedi Order for whether or not they can protect their own worlds, the brutality of the attacks on civilian and military ships alike, suggest that the Criminal Organization is extremely well armed and organized. As of yet, the Kastolar Raiders have yet to make any moves on worlds outside of Silver Space, which in itself might suggest something of a more personal grudge against the Silver Jedi.



  • Gang Tattoo's.
  • Leather Vests, displaying the Gang Patch (Symbol) on the back and associated ranks of hierarchy on the front.

Rules: Also referred to as the Bylaws.


  1. All Prospects must obey the instructions of an Officer.Patched Member.
  2. All Prospects must respect Patched Members.
  3. Prospects must earn a weekly income of 500 credits towards the Organization.
  4. Prospects must wear/display their Gang Patch at all times.
  5. Prospects cannot carry firearms unless permitted by an Officer.
  6. Any concerns/disputes must be taken to Officers of the Organization.

Patched Members:

  1. Loyalty to the Organization is absolute. Any evidence of treason to the Gang will result dismissal with extreme prejudice (Most commonly, execution and/or death).
  2. All members must obey the commands of an Officer of the Organization, and show respect to their superior members.
  3. Gang Patches are to be worn at all times in public during Organization held events. While "on a job", members are required to remove or hide their Patch unless facing a rival Gang/Criminal Organization.
  4. Affiliation with rival Organizations is forbidden, unless required and approved by an Officer for diplomatic standings.
  5. Under no circumstances are members of the Organization to associate with the Law.
  6. All members can earn their own way through any means, as long as the Organization gets it's cut (30% of the profits).

Goals: To celebrate and advocate absolute freedom, nonconformity to mainstream culture, Authoritarian Organizations, and boasting loyalty solely to the Gang beyond all else.



  • Darro Graven - Ubrikkia Overlord.
  • Crik Terrand - Chapter Arbiter.
  • Khan Baize - Chapter Arbiter.
  • Vitiion Corrand - Chapter Arbiter.
  • Jynna Karaay - Chapter Vice-Regent.
  • Pana Lowsyk - Chapter Vice-Regent.
  • Verse Thif - Chapter Vice-Regent.
  • Olin Arnjar - Sergeant at Arms.
  • Finor Menall - Sergeant at Arms.
  • Tonor Nalle - Sergeant at Arms.
  • Teckla Grenko - Sector Valkyrie.
  • Lon Madell - Sector Valkyrie.
  • Dash Corrik - Sector Valkyrie.



The Kastolar Sector Raiders weren’t well known in their initial founding, however as their operations grew beyond Ubrikkia Space, rumors of increased piracy and criminal activity began to spread across the holonet. Finally, it took several incidents near Nubia and Hosnian Prime for the Order of the Silver Jedi to be alerted to the Gang’s growing presence.


Following a diplomatic meeting with the Corellian’s, the Order of the Silver Jedi began to delve into these rumors further, sending out Jedi Shadow and Silver Intelligence personnel to scour their territories in search of any truth to the matter.


Over the months that followed, numerous reports came in regarding smaller gangs and criminal organizations being attacked and overrun, leaving nothing but bodies in the wake of these violent assaults. Initially, Silver Intelligence suspected numerous criminal gangs to be warring with one another, however it was later discovered by a member of the Jedi Shadow that these smaller Gangs were in fact being patched over into the Kastolar Sector Raiders while the perceived weak were being killed off. While the Jedi Padawan was able to return with this information, their Master and another apprentice were killed by the larger criminal enterprise before the Order lost trace of them altogether...


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Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

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The Silver Holocron


This is a nice sub. Codified NPC opposition is always neat. Helps flesh things out.


But I think there may have been a misunderstanding regarding the templates. You're using the Army template. However, the Organisation template seems more suitable for this submission. It's what you'd use for stuff like governments, Force orders, cults or, as in this case, criminal organisations like the Exchange, Black Sun, pirates etc. It's perfectly fine to use that template for a group that's supposed to be NPC opposition. I've done that myself.


The Army Template is for the armed forces of a group/government (e.g. 'Grand Army of the Republic', 'Stormtrooper Corps', 'Antarian Rangers' etc), which doesn't seem to be what you're going for here (for instance, in the Army template, composition refers to the combat units an army is composed of, like infantry, artillery etc.). So it would be best to swap templates.

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The Silver Holocron
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Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori


My mistake, I will see about the needed edits as soon as possible; and tag you for confirmation, thanks!

The Silver Holocron

The Silver Holocron
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Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori


Edits have been made!



Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

    Fire Princess

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The Silver Holocron


Looks good. Approved.

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