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  • Planet Name: Hollastin

  • Demonym: Hollastinese

  • Region: Wild Space

  • System Name: Hollastin

  • System Features: Central yellow star with four planets. The farthest is a gas giant with Tibanna “mines” on it, the 3rd farthest is Hollastin itself, and the two center planets are boiling wastelands without atmosphere.

  • Location: Already on map

  • Major Imports: Slaves, Luxary Goods, Food stuffs

  • Major Exports: Quadria, Every Drug Imaginable to Man, Tibanna

  • Unexploited Resources: Generic Metals, Flora/Fauna


  • Gravity: Standard

  • Climate: Humid

  • Primary Terrain: Mostly just swamps with an irradiated humid wasteland around “The Scars” and the occasional forest. 

  • Atmosphere: Type II


  • Capital City: Bothmara

  • Planetary Features: Most of the planet is wilderness filled with mutant abominations and terrifying beasts.

  • Major Locations:

    “The Scars”: The Scars is the name given to the network of massive ravines and crevices that are spread across the planet like a spider’s web. They were initially caused by an asteroid of Quadria that crashed into the planet roughly 200 years ago. The impact crater quickly turned into a large lake, sucking in many fish species that would eventually die due to radiation and fall into the Quadria to be absorbed. This allowed the Quadria to grow steadily, branching out and cracking the very mantle of the planet forming The Scars in the process. It is within these crevices that mines have been built to extract the Quadria.

    Bothmara: Bothmara is by far the most populated city on Hollastin. It is a network of large domes connected by bullet trains, the initial dome having been constructed when the Hutts learned of the Quadria asteroid heading for their world. Since its construction Bothmara has blossomed into a pleasure resort, filled with casinos, artificial lakes and beaches, buildings constructed solely for the consumption of illegal substances, and any building for any kind of sin. The crown jewel of the city is the “Battle Dome” a small dome located within the central larger dome that acts as an arena for all kinds of blood sports. Gladiators from across the hutt world are brought here to fight to the death for the glory of their masters.

    Underneath Bothmara, built alongside the sewer system is a network of tunnels where the slaves live. These slaves are not as poor as one might imagine though, their patrons have been known to occasionally tip their slaves allowing for a small economy to grow up within these tunnels of slaves stealing things and selling them to others. These slaves tend to fall into one of two categories, domestic slaves used in the many businesses within the domes, and industrial slaves who work within the outer domes raising flora/fauna which are used to create drugs of all sorts. The bulk of these narcotics are sent off world, bringing in a constant flow of credits to Bothmara.

    Little Urkupp: Within the blast crater of the asteroid is Little Urkupp, a slave city mostly inhabited by Dashade and named after their ancient homeworld. The Dashade slaves who were initially brought to Hollastin to mine the radioactive Quadria founded Little Urkupp after draining the lake that had formed in the crater as a center for their people to serve the Hutts. The hutts effectively treat Little Urkupp as a prison colony, leaving them mostly alone as long as it produces a certain quota of Quadria a week. The city is directly ruled by the strongest, biggest, baddest, and most brutal Dashade in the camp and his clan. These rulers tend to be funded and supplied by the hutts as a means to keep the Dashade ruler in power and the Quadria flowing instead of risking constant rebellions.


  • Native Species: N/A

  • Immigrated Species: Hutts, Yahk-Tosh, Humans, Twi’lek, Dashade

  • Population: Sparse

  • Demographics: 12% Hutt, 9% Yahk-Tosh, 20% human, 27% Twi’lek, 32% Dashade

  • Primary Languages: Huttese

  • Culture: There are really only two cultures of Hollastin. The hutts in Bothmara who act as they always have on every world they’ve corrupted. And the Dashade in Little Urkupp who are only a vestige of their people’s culture, having devolved into primitivism and tribalism. 


  • Government: Criminal Dominion

  • Affiliation: Hutt Space (Now Black Sun) 

  • Wealth: Medium: The overwhelming wealth of the Hutt/Yahk-Tosh minority is overshadowed by the destitution of their slaves and Little Urkupp. 

  • Stability: Medium: Within Bothmara and the few other dome cities life is good,the Hutts keep order with an army of goons and security droids. Yet in the wilds and everywhere not directly ruled by them, chaos reigns. 

  • Freedom & Oppression: Hutts and Yahk-Tosh own the entire population, some of the slaves here might not even know what freedom is. 


  • Military: Hallastin has always relied on the Hutts’ superiority over this area of space to defend themselves, always able to call allies when under attack. What forces they have on the ground are mostly trying to keep the slaves in line and are nothing more than mercenaries and criminals. 

  • Technology: Galactic Standard



Hollastin was never an important world until after the Yuuzan-Vong war. Relatively untouched from the war, Hollastin became a hub for shipping across hutt Space as well as a place to breed their slaves and mine what materials they needed. Yet this would all change with the impact of the Quadria asteroid. The blast would devastate most infrastructure on the planet, and the Quadria itself would pollute the air and mutate the environment into a hellscape. Only those within the domes or who had a natural resistance to radiation would survive on this world. The Hutts would dump resources into Hollastin as they studied the Quadria for decades, slowly bringing wealth to Bothmara as more Hutts and their retinues began to live their or visit throughout the year. Soon what was originally a science facility designed for survival transformed into the resort it is today. 


When Black Sun took control of the world, Myra would be put in charge. She would replace the Hutt power structure with leaders within Black Sun, popularize tipping the slaves to bring them some level of prosperity, and even began sending monthly shipments of food and goods to Little Urkupp as a sign of good will and to placate the brutes who could no doubtfully be a problem if they chose to be. It has only been a few months since their take over, and already Black Sun grows rich from the lucrative drug trade that Bothmara opened up to them.


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This is a really really nicely put together submission here.