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Morpheus 9 Stealth Processor Prototype

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Vera Mina

Vera Mina

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Intent: To describe part of Vera's brain

Image Source: https://www.devianta...Model-164058908

Canon Link: Vera Mina Mk 2

Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Castle Morpheus R&D Labs

Affiliation: Vera Mina

Model: N/A

Modularity: Yes

Production: Unique

Material: Specialized electronics, Synthetic Memory Crystal


Database of stealth and infiltration techniques

Upgradeable programming as well as learning new stealth skills and better combinging and enhancing the ones it already knows


Sneaker: Covers personal infiltration techniques including moving quietly, camouflage and stealth fields. There is also room to install lockpick and hacking software. However, it comes preprogrammed with pickpocketing routines

Upgradeable: Not only can it download new sneaking techniques from approved machines, it can learn from its experiences while sneaking. It also has adapters for connecting to other possible future processors


Acid: Acid will utterly ruin it.

Ion: Ion can disrupt its functions

Microwave: So can microwave, and possibly shut it down temporarily.

Combat inhibiting: It is such a complex processor that many other databases must be shut off to enable it to function properly


The Morpheus 9 Stealth Processor Protype is designed to aid in stealth and infiltration, providing millions of sneaking scenarios to formulate the most efficient method of stealth in a given situation, able to learn from encounters and download new sneaking methods. The synthetic memory crystal used is rumored to be a synthesized stygium attempt that failed to improve the stealth related powers of an adept but ironically found a use for stealth all the same. Though many combat protocols must be shut off to run it, it provides Vera an excellent chance of getting through an area undetected.

Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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Vera Mina


Hey! I'm just touching base to see any status on this as it's been sitting for awhile. If you'd like this moved to active judging, please let me know

Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

    Pilot. Apprentice. Friend.

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