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Codex Suggestion: Species Affiliation

Creator Control

Best Answer Srina Talon, 11 October 2019 - 11:45 PM

I've read fully through this suggestion and the subsequent discussion. Good points were made on both sides.I appreciate the ideas and feedback regardless of the outcome.
Let me start off by saying that I can see why this change could hold appeal for some writers. Planet and Species submissions are some of the most creative, exciting, and potentially time-consuming works that a member of the community can choose to undertake. They become near and dear to the original creators so the thought of "misuse" or "misinterpretation" does indeed strike a chord.
All that being said—This is not a change that the Codex will be adopting at this time. Restrictions are necessary from time to time, but in this instance, I do not believe that it would benefit the overall community.
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Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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There is zero middle ground to be found in a conversation with someone who does not see the inherent differences between a species that is used for character creation and a lightsaber that is not.


Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus


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Darth Immortuos


I said the song, and as I don't see anybody playing music or Vader dancing to it, rather a similar tone to Luke's entrance. Its not exactly what I was referring to or meant and we both know it.


Close but no cigar.




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The intent here is to give an additional freedom of choice to codex content creators

I’m specifically a big fan of how OP chose to paint this, lol. Very diplomatic way to tell people to stop using your stuff.

I personally would’ve gone the droid route, not the weapon route, though. The same character creation rules being used against your argument already exist for droid models created in the Factory. We don’t have a problem with it, however, because Staff is 99% of the time going to hold Character Creation, General, and RP rules in higher priority than Factory/Codex.

And also because nobody’s out there using other people’s stuff, even though they can. They’d rather tailor make their own.

Just my 2 cents. Nothing said here will alter the Codex’s decision, which has already been given.