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The Greater Harmony Society

Greater Harmony Society

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Lhao Praji

Lhao Praji


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  • Corporation Name: The Greater Harmony Society
  • Headquarters: Coruscant. 
  • Locations: Influence within the Core Worlds and a branch on Terminus, as a first foray into the Outer Rim Coalition.
  • Operations: Shipping, charity, investment, infrastructure, event organization.

The Greater Harmony Society is a shipping concern first and foremost. Most of their operations are exercised throughout the Core Worlds, ferrying goods and wares for the rich through the shipping lanes that connect the Core together. Much of this profit is then invested into the other branches of the organization. Charity and events that cater towards network opportunities. Investments that are safe and steady. Infrastructure work through lucrative business partners in the Mid Rim. 


It is especially the charity events that contribute towards the Society's sterling reputation. From housing projects to zero-rate loans. Much of their charity efforts are invested in the Atrisian, Jedha and Mirial enclaves throughout Coruscant.

The Greater Harmony Society began with a single ship and a dream.


That's how Lhao tells the story anyway. Regaling rich merchants and investors with tales of hardship. Overcome through hard work, loyalty and devotion. Some of that is even true. It did start with a single freighter. Stolen and loaded with stolen diamonds. Cashed in, used that foundation to apply for a local governance loan. Coruscant had just been hit by another invasion. Districts in ruins. It only made sense that the locals were eager for new investment.


If you were unscrupulous enough? Ruthless? Careful too? 


Success was just waiting for you.


All you had to do was grab it.


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